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Monday, March 30, 2009

a DOG-gone good time!

Yesterday our friends Jonah and Javan invited us to their “Dog House” for their  fourth birthday party!  Their mommy had every detail of the party planned out to doggie perfection! 

Marikka sent out little outfits (she hand made) for all the kids to wear to the party!

Here is one of our little puppies. :)

DSC_1105 Such cute ideas. There was a dog story, a dog bone hunt, hot dogs for dinner, a dog “biscuit” cake, dog cookies and lots of other puppy treats! Such a fun idea. 

DSC_1108 Here is our other little puppy, sniffing out her “dog bone” candy. And we already know that Anna is almost canine when it comes to sniffing out sugar, so this game was right up her alley.


Rebekah and her friend Kate.


Anna and her buddy Luke. Dare I say … could this be “puppy love?”


   The fabulous cookies they had!








Anna and the cookie.


And the girls coloring, what else but, dog pictures.


Such a fun party with wonderful attention to every detail! Thanks for inviting us to your party Javan and Jonah! Happy 4th birthday!


  1. wow! I don't quite know what to say. That's quite a party! It sounds like a fun time...however, don't ever expect that over at the Lee house...

  2. Was the birthday present from mom and dad a puppy? Just curious...

  3. They didn't get a puppy. :( But how cute would that have been!?