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Sunday, March 1, 2009


How did I get here so quickly? I close my eyes for a moment and open them to see my baby is “a whole hand!”

We had such a fun day with Rebekah on her birthday. We, of course, woke her up with birthday doughnuts and gifts.( A long held tradition in our families. )



After we got ourselves ready for the day, Rebekah and Mommy went to get “Beautified”. Rebekah is quite an unusual child in the sense that she LOVES nothing more than getting her…… Hair Cut! I know it is strange, but she loves it! Anytime Anna gets her bangs cut (every 6 weeks)  Rebekah does all she can to control the jealousy raging through her. So I told her that on her birthday we could go to the “beauty shop and get the works!”

DSC_0676 Here she is all dolled up!

DSC_0682 After our hair appointment Rebekah and Mommy ( Anna was with my mom) went to the “Happiest Place on Earth” for more celebration! Disney is having the “Get in FREE on your birthday” deal and since we have passes already we get another perk! A Gift Card! :) YIPEE! Free shopping! Bekah had no clue that there were still more surprises yet to come……

After we went on a couple rides together, I told Rebekah that I wanted her to meet someone. I said that I wanted her to meet “Prince Charming” and that I knew “exactly where he was.” We took a little walk over to the side of the castle, turned a corner and Bekah’s Prince Charming was, indeed, waiting for her.


Daddy ( he was prince charming, in case you didn’t pick that up) and sissy came and were waiting with a special rose for the birthday girl! She was thrilled!




We spent the rest of the day watching shows, exploring Tom Sawyer’s Island and going on rides.


Below: This is Anna’s new pose when we tell her to “say cheese”.


After Disneyland we had one more surprise! We went by my parents house and my parents, aunt, sister and her fiance all jumped out and said SURPRISE! Bekah loved the surprise party we threw for Josh in September and so it was the ultimate end to her day to have a mini- “surprise party” of her very own!


And the favorite gift of the year is this real digital camera from grandpa and grandma! She hasn’t put it down since Friday and is thrilled to be taking pictures of anything and everything!

DSC_0807 An action packed day! While I delight in the joy of the day and the wonderfulness of the festivities, I think they helped distract me from that little twinge of pain in my heart. That little bit of me that wants my babies to stay babies forever. I do however look forward to the future with overwhelming anticipation as I can only imagine all that the Lord has on the horizon for our Rebekah.

Happy Birthday my sweet Rebekah!


  1. That sounds like such a fun day!! It gave me some great ideas for the future!:)

  2. SO MUCH FUN! It looks like you guys had a great day. I can't believe she is that old already!

  3. What a fun day!! We may just have to copy you in May. ;)