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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For the Bride to Be

I think I have mentioned before that my sister, Donna, is getting married in July and  we are so excited! Last night she had her first shower hosted by her future in-laws. Our family rejoices, not only for Donna’s wonderful  choice in a husband but we also rejoice in the fact that he comes from a wonderful family. It makes my heart glad to see Donna welcomed with open arms into Philip’s family.

My parents are out of  town (actually the country) right now and as a result my mom was not able to be at the shower so this blog post is partially for her benefit. :) We missed you mom!

Here are a few pictures:


A fun little necklace Donna got to wear for the evening.


Donna and our Aunt Becky.


Donna and her future mother-in-law and sisters-in law.

(A little side note: Sharon, Philip’s mom, was also our second grade teacher. So we have known them for a long time. ) 


The bride to be. Such a fun time in life.

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