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Friday, March 6, 2009


I am sure every parent has a list of toys on their black list. In our house I feel like I have a daily battle with Polly Pocket/ Mini Princess shoes, clothes and other accessories. I hourly find pieces to the Lite Brite in random places of our home. I have gone through many a Magic Clean Eraser to clear off marks left by Crayons and (so called washable) markers.

Another thing that I don’t have much affection for is….. play-doh. It tends to get everywhere, gets stuck on things and if not properly stored it dries out. Just not my all time favorite child’s  play thing. All this to say, as a parent, there are just several toys that cause me to wonder “WHAT IDIOT INVENTED THESE?” and then “ I MUST BE  THE IDIOT FOR BUYING/KEEPING THEM”.

And then the reasons become clear…… DELIGHT! JOY! SMILES! All from my girls and you remember why you are willing to organize and reorganize toys, scrub and rescrub every surface under the 4 foot mark. And why I am willing ( not without a few grunts and complaints) to scrape dry play-doh out of the carpet.

DSC_0910MY GIRLS LOVE PLAY-DOH! If it doesn’t take the number one slot on the list of favorite toys it is definitely in the top three. They can play with it  for a good two hours in absolute peace. One more VERY valid reason for keeping it in the house.




And at the end of the day….. seeing them smile makes me smile.


  1. I know that I am not the only one who hates things like play-doh and polly pockets but it's good to see that others have the SAME feelings as I do. They sure have fun though don't they?

  2. My girls used to love play-doh and I made it from a recipe of Kris Sweetman's from an old church recipe book. I kept it in a tupperward bowl and it lasted a couple weeks. The girls had fun helping to make it. Yes, it was messy but 20 years from now, who cares??

  3. The BEST thing about play do - it is so so so cheap!