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Monday, March 23, 2009


Isn’t God good?

I was reminded of our God’s greatness and faithfulness this past weekend through fellowship, meditation, worship and the majesty of HIS creation! 

A weekend away was just what I needed to refresh my spirit and give me renewed motivation. Our churches women’s retreat took me (and some wonderful friends) to Twin Peaks, CA. We ate well, shopped a little, but mostly we were encouraged in our faith, challenged by God’s word and reminded of HIS love and mercy.

IMG_8205Here are some of the girls on our little shopping excursion in Arrowhead.

( It is amazing what a little (kid-free) shopping can do to rejuvenate one’s spirit! ) 


Some of us after our evening session on Saturday night. I am not pointing any fingers but as soon as this picture was taken, somehow I ended up with my bottom sinking into the snow! 

IMG_8214 Sunday morning.

IMG_8219 They actually had to cut our retreat short as there was a storm quickly coming and to ensure that we were not snowed in another night we had to skip our final session. A little sad, but the pictures in the snow might have made up for it. ;)

IMG_8222And here is my friend Rebekah scraping snow off of the car.

Such a fun weekend!


  1. You all look so peaceful and content ... exactly what a woman's retreatis supposed to provide!

    I am thrilled that the Lord was able to speak to your heart and offer encouragement and rest for your soul.

    Love you!