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Monday, March 23, 2009

While I was away….

It will never be said that Josh Nelson is a “lazy guy.” I can attest to his constant “doing”. And this weekend was no exception. While I was away Joshua was………

bringing walls down. And while this wasn’t exactly the wall of Jericho, it was still quite a feat.

Here are some pictures of the before:

DSC_8955 The living room side of the wall.

DSC_8957 The dining room side of the wall.

DSC_8959Josh’s dad, Luthor, with the girls before they brought the wall down.

Josh’s Dad and Mom both helped him/us out GREATLY this weekend. Luthor with man power and know-how and Susie with entertaining of the girls. :)

Here is the after:

DSC_8962 The house feels like we got an extra 20 feet of space. There is obviously still some patching a painting that needs to take place but it is very near completion.  Some would think tearing out a wall would be enough home improvement for a weekend. However, Josh did not. He and his dad spent Saturday and Sunday installing inset lighting and also….. (if you know Josh you can probably already guess what I am about to say)……. surround sound speakers.

DSC_8964 I was amazed to come home and not only find the project almost done but they also managed to keep a pretty clean house at the same time! I’m in awe!

Here is a picture of the lighting:

DSC_8968This project has been on my list of home improvement wishes for a couple years and I am so blessed that I have a husband who is capable, willing and skilled. I can’t thank Luthor and Susie enough for their help and know-how this weekend. I love my new “great room”. I’m thrilled!!!


  1. That looks great! Don't you love having a "handy" husband?!

  2. That is AWESOME! Way to go Josh!

  3. Cool! Very nice!
    I love your new room.

  4. What a handy man you have!! It looks great.

  5. So very impressed! =) You've got a civil engineer who actually knows how to do hands-on construction!