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Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Girl

This past Monday the girls and I were treated to a day at American Girl Place in Los Angeles.

My cousin was in town and my Aunt Becky invited us for a girls day out. I don’t know if I can fully describe this place, so I don’t think I’ll try.

We had a wonderful day with my mom, aunt and cousin! Here are a few pictures of our day.

DSC_1225 Anna’s ( and Bekah’s, for that matter) favorite part of the store was collecting all the “wish list” tags they had there. They have these little tags that show items you can order. My girls were collecting them with diligence. One of the girls that worked there noticed their mass of tickets and gave them a bag to collect them. I think that is what they thought the point of going to the store was. They loved it and had NO clue that each ticket they collected, if purchased, could have easily equaled a mortgage payment. I loved that they were enjoying collecting the only free thing in the place! ;)

After browsing the store my Aunt treated us all to an unforgettable lunch. In addition to fun food and delightful presentation, the restaurant provides chairs and dishes for the dolls and even dolls to borrow in case you don’t have one. :) DSC_1248Rebekah and her doll Kirsten. 


Anna and her (borrowed)doll Emily.


Cousin Aleetha and Aunt Becky


My mom and aunt showing off their hair bows ( a.k.a. napkin ties).












Alee and Rebekah with dessert.

DSC_1245And this look pretty much captures my girls attitude towards the day. I think they were kind of awestruck over the whole experience.

Thanks Grandma and Aunt Becky for a fun day out with the girls and for all the special treats!:)

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