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Thursday, April 23, 2009

finally…… weekend catch up

This past weekend we were able to get away to Palm Springs. Josh’s grandparents have been so generous in letting us use their condo and it is something we look forward to with great anticipation. Now Josh and I are both people who enjoy making the most of vacations. This time we went and just did…….. NOTHING! It was fantastic! The weather was heaven-like. We swam in the pool (for hours and hours), ate easy ready-made meals from Costco (which Mommy liked), colored, read, watched movies, baked cookies and had one nice meal out. IT WAS PERFECT! Exactly what our little family needed. We were almost too relaxed to come home. :)

The girls loved the pool. Both of them NEVER tire of the water!

DSC_1547 Bekah with a “pose- and- jump” shot.


Anna tends to just fall into the water.

DSC_1566 The girls in their matching dresses before dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.


 DSC_1583 I found these little “vintage” slates at Cost Plus World Market for just 59 cents in the clearance bin. The girls had a great time with them. I,however, forgot how much I HATE chalk and the sounds of chalkboards. I had to leave the room.


And here is Miss Rebekah admiring the 500 piece puzzle Mommy put together. I had hopes that we would do it together. But once we got to the condo she was much more interested in swimming, watching movies and playing with play-doh to bother with puzzles. But once I was done she of course said….”Hey! I wanted to help put the puzzle together.”

DSC_1585Happy Nelsons in the sun! 

DSC_1593 To little lovelies relaxin in the pool. Should have brought the sunglasses.

Such a great few days away.If only every weekend was that relaxing.


  1. Glorious! We're heading out there on Mother's Day...I can't wait. =) I think Kate's going to be very disappointed that Bekah won't be there, though. I guess we'll have to plan a combined trip soon. See you tomorrow!

  2. Hi Emily, Don't know your secret... but had to say that you take the prettiest pictures! So glad you all had a fun getaway! We go to the desert every year too (but usually when it's 116 degrees.)

  3. I am jealous - this is exactly what our family needs!

    We get to go away in July but that seems like an eternity! ;o)

    I am SO SO glad you gyus are faithful about trips and down time together - never loese that precious time with each other!