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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well, I am feeling a slight case of déjà-vu. How quickly the year has passed and as we hit each annual tradition and event I begin to think…..”wasn’t I just here?!”

So our annual MOPS Easter Egg Hunt came again and as always the girls had a blast!


DSC_1285 Believe it or not this is the group shot for just the 2 and under category! :)

DSC_1289I ALWAYS love my mom, but especially thank the Lord for her assistance on days like these. Having her extra set of hands and eyes helps me breathe sighs of relief. 

DSC_1296 I feel like I always need to apologize for my youngest  child’s lack of hair do’s. I’m telling ya folks, I TRY! Her hair was all tied up nice and neat, complete with bows. But her pigtails were history before we ever pulled into the parking lot. :( But just in case you are wondering if I ever brush Anna’s hair, I do!

DSC_1299 Here grandma is on egg count. Due to the number of children participating we only had 12 eggs per child. Anna, not really knowing how to actually count, and also not really being one to slow down, quickly exceeded the egg maximum. My mom was great at discretely re-hiding eggs for fellow (not-as- bold) egg hunters.


And here is the five and up category! Not as many as the two’s but still the competition was fierce!

DSC_1316 Why is it kids love this so much?


DSC_1330 And here is Anna in her “end-of –the–egg-hunt” glory! Runny nose, dirty face,tangled hair, as happy as can be. :)

As always a fabulous time with our MOPS friends.

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