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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Worth showing….

This little sundress of Rebekah’s is one of my favorites. I purchased it on the clearance rack at Gymboree last December and it was a bargain at $7.00. When washing it this last week I was saddened to discover a hole. Just about the size of someone’s pointer finger. I am sure the hole didn’t start out this size, as I am guessing it had a little help. Nonetheless I was bummed. Until I went to Michael's (for another reason entirely.) While browsing their dollar bins I just happened upon these little appliqué's and ta-da! I had an idea!

So a $3.00 fix for a $7.00 dress. A little pricey, but I was excited to see that the dress has a new life and I think I might even like it more than before. :)




  1. You're so smart. I'm planning on doing that with Kate's t-shirt with a lipstick stain on the front. I'll have to check out Michael's.

  2. No way- so cute!!! Perfect solution.