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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day ‘09

We had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Our church has an annual picnic jammed pack with activities!

Bekah on the Swings ( thanks Rebekah P. for the picture! )


Josh playing volleyball.


The “almost-married” couple. The big day is just weeks away!


Anna so proud of her parade ribbon.


Our family knows how to do a picnic right!

Cousin Alee with Anna….. and some corn.


Mommy with some lemon bars. 


This is Rebekah’s response to getting the green “participant” ribbon instead of the RED “I love a parade” ribbon. You can’t please everyone. :)


Anna has a little help on her parade route. Thanks Grandma! :) 


We had a great time with family and friends yesterday.

We do say thank  you to all those who have given their time, service and lives on behalf of our liberty! We are forever in your debt. May we never forget!

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