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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our hearts rejoice….

Today I had the privilege of throwing a shower for my sister. As a family, our hearts truly rejoice over Donna’s upcoming wedding.

The big day is fast approaching and ALL the preparations are in full swing.  Here are some pictures of this special day….

The “CANDY BAR”….. not exactly the best insurance policy on fitting into that bridesmaid’s dress.


The cupcakes…


My mom, sister and….. me. I have an issue with closing my eyes in pictures. This is the best we got. :)


The flower girls and the bride. What kind of mother puts her girls in WHITE dresses and then hands them a chocolate cupcake!? That would be me!


Pyrex: A definite reason to smile!


Ok I have to just brag about my 2 year old for a minute. NOT ONLY is she potty trained ( in less than a week), at the end of the party she climbed up on the couch in the “den” and took a two and a half hour nap! Can I say………. ANGELIC?


And Rebekah, being quite awake after cupcakes and full access to the “Candy Bar” had a lot of energy to burn, so she made use of all the gift ribbon………… by tying Grandpa to a chair.


A wonderful day! God is gracious and we look forward to all God has in store for Donna and Philip!

1 comment:

  1. You are such a good sister, Em!

    I know Donna will feel the love and respect for all you have done to make her wedding special for years to come!

    Your creativity never ceases to AMAZE me!

    I cannot WAIT to have a tad of that ability in heaven! ;o)