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Friday, June 19, 2009

Camping in Big Bear…

This post comes with a slight………”oy”……… from me.

Last weekend we went with our Sunday School class to Big Bear for a camping trip that ended up being quite an adventure.

I won’t go into every detail but our trip included, a trip to the ER, stitches for Josh, throwing up (Anna), sleeping in the van, 30 degree temps, frying doughnuts, great friends, dirty kids, tummy aches (Bekah), bike riding, lots of coffee, good food, smores, a fun trip to the Dollar Tree, a walk around town, a battery charge, did I mention dirty kids……. and I am sure there is more in there that I forgot. 

What a weekend.

DSC_0035 Anna…… and dirt.


The Friday afternoon crowd.

DSC_0047 Bekah was so dirty she started growing things.


And here is Anna and her partner in crime Lauren…… in the dirt.

They were bathing each other in it.

Wish I got more pictures, but like I said…..it was quite a weekend. :)