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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Feedback Needed……

This Summer our family will be heading out on a 3 week road trip through middle America! Josh and I thrive on trips like this! We love packing up the car and heading out on adventures together! We can’t wait! Some of our stops will include Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rushmore. We are literally giddy with excitement and trying to save our pennies to make this adventure reality! Josh and I actually just have moments of conveying our excitement to each other! :) Growing up as PK’s (pastor’s kids) we didn’t have funds to fly to Island getaways or to European vacations, but we both have fond memories of packed mini-vans and road trips cross country! These are some of our greatest memories in fact! It is fun to share our memories with each other and our kids.

So this is where I need your help. I would love to get suggestions for…

- Maintaining my sanity!:  Ideas for keeping my 5 year old and 2 year old happy and content in the car! (snacks, games, crafty things, incentives, potty emergency solutions, audio pleasantries, helpful educational tools). Give me ideas!

-PLACES TO STOP!: Whether they are places to get good eats (we do love good food), fun tourist spots, places of historical or literary significance, a local secret, great family activities, places to stay overnight,  places to get out and stretch our legs, or even places for great photo ops.

If you consider we live in Southern California and we are headed to Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Minnesota and then winding our way back (coming back through Arizona) that should give you an idea of all the states we will pass through. Even if you have suggestions of great places(worldwide) to go that won’t be for this summer , I would love to hear any and all ideas.  We plan on doing lots of big road trips (and traveling in general) in our lifetime and can’t wait to show our children this wonderful country/ world that God has created!



p.s. I have still much to learn about blogging… I will in the near future figure out how to email/ comment  you back after you comment. I do get all your comments and appreciate all that I get. Thanks for thinking we are interesting enough to read about! :)


  1. Well, if you ever head through Colorado, Colorado has some of the most amazing places. Rocky Mountain national Park is beautiful and the drive through it is amazing. The two entrances (Estes Park and Grand Lake) are amazing (Grand Lake being my favorite) with beautiful lakes and waterfalls, etc. Also, Colorado has dinosaur ridge (real footprints, bones, etc of the dinosaurs that walked the earth), Red Rocks Ampithetre (theatre that is carved out of the red rocks and favorite to most bands for the acoustic quality of the stones), 4 points (has carved out homes in the cliffs that indians created) and tons more stuff. And the fall is even more beautiful! Just a suggestion, if you get the chance to drive through this wonderful state.

  2. Have nothing regarding your vacation but just wanted to let you know that you are a great mom!

  3. If you were coming just a wee bit further you would reach us... Ruthie is still in MN though and I am sure that she would love to see you. I will let you know about other places to stop though.

  4. Maybe not on this trip BUT there is this place that has AMAzing food and it beautiful, let me describe to you... It is a room that only you and your family are in and the outside wall is mssing and you get to look out this great little rock garden with a waterfall.... it is a little out of your way its in Japan... ha ha

  5. I usually pack Jenna a backpack or small bag with books, sticker/activity books with a new set of markers, crayons or pencils (i like twistables for traveling because they don't have lids or need to be sharpened). She has her own dvd case with movies as well as sets of shows recorded from the dvr. For snacks I like trail mix, chewy granola bars and usually only give her a sip of a drink when she asks instead of a whole bottle of water or juice box. Sounds like you have a great trip planned. I have fond memories of driving to Chicago from No Cal a variety of different ways. I know you'll have a great time!

  6. All national parks and state parks have a junior ranger program. They are great for kids and everyone learns a lot. Great photo ops too! The programs are free of charge and the kids get stuff pertainning to their program.

    Yellowstone has so many different things to see: gysers, mud volcanoes, sulpher pits, buffalo herds, bears, dear, you name it. I suggest grabbing a quick bite at the Yellowstone General Store by Yellowstone lake. It has good chili. The lodge is a national treasure but the resturant is pretty expensive. Also, don't miss the "grand canyon" of yellowstone. It's amazing.

    Mount Rushmore is fun but can be a little boring for kids. Leading up to the ranger building are all the flags of the U.S. Do you know much about the state flags? I would make a game of it, like, which is the only flag to have a different design on both sides? or how many flags have an animal on them? or Which flag is of a "republic" and not a "state"? or count how many states are commonwealths?, etc.

    Will you be going to St. Louis? If so, I highly suggest taking the ride to the top of the St. Louis Arch (unless you are afraid of heights). It's a trip! and the view is wonderful.

    I am not sure what roads you are taking but if you can take any part of route 66 you will not be sorry. It is a historic piece of americana not to be missed. Lots of great food stops on 66 too.

    Well, that's all I can come up with off the top of my head. If I think of more I will let you know.


  7. Wow you guys, sounds like fun memories. Do I remember those days. We enjoyed Cody, Wyoming alot, saw a rodeo there and other fun stuff, we became country music fans after that trip, oh oh so watch out. We got the tour books from automobile club and kinda mapped out our trip but the night before we'd look at the tour book and decide which things looked fun, we were flexible. Take care, aunt Lynne