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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

day# 4… post #1

Well we are at the end of day 4 and our family sends you greetings from West Yellowstone, Montana.

The plan was that Josh was going to do the blogging for this trip as we are taking a little vacation from “social networking” too. So this would be his internet fix, but as I type he is roasting marshmallows with the girls outside of our little 15x15 cabin. So maybe the next post will be authored by him. :)

Our trip started off with an early morning, a PACKED minivan, excited little girls and of course all the “necessary” navigational equipment. :) ( I am traveling with Josh, right?)

here we are at 6:30 am, day 1


First pit stop…… VEGAS!


We stopped at this shopping center I had spotted when we were there last December. It has restaurants, shopping galore and a central park for kids. During the summer it is a water park of sorts. We didn’t shop but we ate and the girls cooled off….. (especially Rebekah)

Then we were onto St. George Utah, where it was a breezy 114 degrees cool! :) SHEESH!!!!!!!!!The girls swam in the pool for a little while ( I can already tell you pools will be the ultimate highlight of this trip for them). I think we all pretty much collapsed into bed that night. Pure exhaustion. DSC_0035

The next day  (that would be day 2) we made our way through the desserts of Utah to Ogden. We didn’t get too many pictures that day.  :(

Day 3 we left Utah and went into Idaho DSC_0042Before we left I wrapped a bunch of little presents for the girls. About every 100- 125 miles I pull out a baggie of questions or tasks they must complete to get a prize. Things like finding “5 cows” or  “what state are we in?” . Or “find a Starbucks sign and get a prize”. They LOVE the game and it has been a great way to pass time and keep them occupied.  Here they are with their “modeling clay” prize . 



DSC_0051 Here is Josh with his four …… yes that is right FOUR, different phones/ navigation systems.

“No my dear, I wasn’t just taking a picture of your adorable face I was taking a picture of the………………………….. RIDICULOUSNESS!” Two iphones, one Blackjack, one built in navigation system and this is not mentioning the AAA “trip-tic” he has at his side.  I don’t think Air Force One is flown with this must “efficiency.”

DSC_0057 This is a great way for Bekah to blow off some steam at gas fill ups. She LOVES cleaning the windows. Hey I’m not complaining. ;)


So yesterday afternoon we crossed over into Montana.DSC_0064

And we are now at the KOA in West Yellowstone. It’s a really cute campground and the girls think that this cabin is just about the funnest thing ever! :)

DSC_0068 Here they are loving the bunk bed and below the girls stand inside looking out at the flash storm that swept through for about 10 minutes.  Thunder and lightning sure rocked our little cabin.

DSC_0073 So today…… day 4, I have decided deserves a post of it’s own…….


WOW!!! We had a great time and definitely were in awe of the majesty of our creator!

more to post at a later time….. this mamma is tired!


  1. Thanks for posting Em! On the comment with Josh, are you guys on vacation or storm chasing? Oh and you forgot about the Star Trek Communicator he has on the visor.


  2. I am so glad you are doing well and enjoying the trip - you will have fabulous memories!

    I loved seeing all of you and knowing you are okay!


  3. Looks like fun! You are brave for sure to be doing that long trip with two little ones and while you are pregnant. Has the nausea gotten any better yet?

  4. What a fun trip!! Great idea with the game and prizes. I'm glad it's going well. That pic of Josh is a crack up!