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Sunday, August 9, 2009

day 4…… Yellowstone National Park

Ok so I am finally posting about Yellowstone. And, yes, this is Emily. Hopefully Josh will post at some point.

So how is one supposed to describe Yellowstone?

Majestic? Daunting? Awesome? Overwhelming? Powerful? Serene? Massive? Unparalleled?……………….YEP! All the above!

We made the decision to get up early and get into the park before the crowds as we heard that traffic in the park would be a “bear” later in the day. We are so glad we did. It gave us the chance to see some wild life and it made for a peaceful way to wake up.

DSC_0080 Well at least for some of us…..

First thing we saw when we were a mile or two into the park was this guy. He was just taking a stroll down the street. He was literally feet from our car. :)



Next we saw some…… of………… these guys…… 

DSC_0088 then more bison…..

DSC_0092 The girls checking out the visitor’s center.

DSC_0097 Bekah and Mommy doing our “Junior Ranger” tasks…

DSC_0098 Anna waiting for Old Faithful.

DSC_0099 There it goes!!!!!

DSC_0108 Bekah and Daddy went and checked off some things from her “Junior Ranger” list, and in the mean time…….

DSC_0125 Anna and Mommy went and sat on the big comfy leather couches in the Old Faithful Lodge. While we were there we went into the gift shop and found something that Josh and I now call affectionately “magic rocks”. They are magnetic rocks and Anna thinks they are the coolest thing ever.She literally SAT and played with them for over an hour, not uttering a peep. :) Sounds magical to me!


DSC_0134 After seeing a few more sites, we ended our day in Yellowstone with Bekah getting sworn in as a “Junior Ranger”. Very cool! She even got a snazzy badge, that will have a prominent place in her baby book! :)


DSC_0144 What a fun day!

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  1. It's like being there with you - I love it!

    You guys make traveling cross country with little people a breeze!

    Aren't there ANY rough moments in that van of yours? ;o)