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Sunday, August 9, 2009

day 5….. leaving Yellowstone and saying “hello” to CODY, Wyoming!

Day 5….. we packed up the van once again and went back into Yellowstone. This time we were just driving through. But “just driving through” the park is still no disappointment. We saw an eagle in it’s nest.

DSC_0189 We saw lots of road construction. And when you are on the road with Josh construction proves to be just as thrilling as any natural scenery. I have probably 50 pictures we have already taken of random construction projects on our drive thus far. THRILLING! ;)

DSC_0196 Once we left Yellowstone it was onto Cody, Wyoming! The birthplace of my grandfather and the place for all things cowboy!

This picture below is quite possibly my favorite of the trip so far.

What do you get when you put a Southern California family all in flip flops and sandals walking through a rodeo stadium full of horse and cow chips?

A lot of this…….





DSC_0223 Our little rodeo clowns. We were so impressed that the rodeo kept the girls’ attention the entire time!

DSC_0225 Bekah was especially impressed with the little girls that rode in with the American flags for the National Anthem. And Anna loved the bull riding. She kept saying….. “MORE BULLS!”




It was definitely a night to remember in Cody, Wyoming!

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  1. That looks so fun! It's exciting to keep up with your travels. I am totally living vicariously right now! :)