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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 6 & 7

Hello….. well this trip is zooming by and I am behind in blogging. There is NO WAY I could cover our entire trip in one post so I am feeling the pressure to catch up. Currently we are in Minnesota at the Stime Family Reunion. But info on that will have to wait, I have to go back a few days and remember what we did on days 6 and 7……. ahhhh, how can I forget…… MOUNT RUSHMORE!!!!

Day 6 was a long drive day……

Here is Bekah blowing off some steam at a rest stop.

DSC_0236 But the long drive was worth it when we came around the curve of a mountain road at dusk and were greeted with this……..


The next morning we got up and went to the monument. Our girls were actually quite impressed with it and Rebekah especially seemed to enjoy the information she was learning. I was thrilled to find a children’s book about Mount Rushmore that was perfect for explaining everything about this historical masterpiece.

DSC_0293 See……. don’t they look impressed? ;)


A family shot…

DSC_0287 Anna was thrilled because she got to participate in the Junior Ranger program this time. At Yellowstone there was an age minimum of 5 but Rushmore had a “Ranger in Training” program for under 5. They were sworn in and received cool pins.

DSC_0357 Showing off their “certification”.

DSC_0359 Getting up close and personal with the presidents.


So as we have been driving cross country this past week we have had some very obvious road companions……. BIKERS! Last week was Sturgis and so pretty much every town we entered looked something like this…..


We were staying at the KOA in Hill City. This “campground” is unlike any other campground I have ever been to. The amenities were endless. It was like going to a Forest Home or Hume Lake. The girls loved it! After a pleasant morning seeing Rushmore we went back to “camp” and just played! The girls needed to burn off some energy!  Here they are on the big bouncy pillow and the waterslide.



DSC_0411 Another fun two days on the road. Mount Rushmore was spectacular!!! Just looking at this breathtaking piece of art and history brings my patriotic loyalty to the surface. A definite must see!


  1. Wow! You guys are having so much fun! It's quite inspiring. =) It almost makes me think we could do a road trip....almost. I'm so glad you are having a good time! Can't wait to see you when you get back. ♥

  2. looks like you all are having a BLAST and almost makes me want to pack up the kid and the man, hop in the car and GOOO!!!
    especially love the pic of the girls in front of the monument. so postcard ish!

  3. you are doing a fabulous job with documenting this trip, Em.

    And what a blessing that you are feeling good enough to get through it all with your little oy growing inside of you. (did you like that plug?)

    Miss you and love you more!