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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 9

Day 9 can be described in two words…….. SOUTH DAKOTA!

a lot of driving by corn fields……. A LOT OF DRIVING BY CORN FIELDS!

I told Josh, that I am convinced NO ONE lives in South Dakota. But there is one reason I find the state somewhat endearing. …..:)

See picture below:

DSC_0481 On our drive we stopped off in Sinai, South Dakota. The small town that Josh’s grandma Nelson was born and raised. We drove by the Lutheran church her family worshiped in. 


And as we were driving on a small country road, Josh attempted to “sample” or “borrow” an ear of corn from a local field. It wasn’t ripe. :( I guess it serves us right for trying to get an unoffered freebie.

DSC_0489 Then we made the cross over into….. my homeland. :) I was born in Minnesota. And while it has a special place in my heart, the mosquitoes that are in abundance in this state make me firmly state: I AM A CALIFORNIA GIRL!


Of course our trip has had it’s share of potty breaks. Between pregnancy bladder and the potty needs of a 5 year old and 2 year old we have had frequent stops.South Dakota has all of ……. maybe……. one rest stop…… so this was required. :)


That evening we arrived at Mount Carmel for the family reunion. It is nice to have 5 days of NO driving. More posts to come on the fun we  are having here.

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