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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Days 19-22

So when I last left you we had just finished a day in Denver, I think that was Wednesday…. Well it is Saturday night and I am laying in the comfort of my very own bed. ahhhhh……….. we are home.

The last three days of our trip were mostly spent in our van driving through New Mexico and Arizona. ( 2 states I am in no hurry to move to.) But day 19 was kind of our last day of “play”. We stopped at the Focus on the Family headquarters. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the “Adventures in Odyssey” radio series they make but we love listening to them in our house! They started producing the show in ‘87 and  I remember actually getting episodes of the show on cassette tape in kids meals at Chic-fil-a when I was little. :) We spent a lot of hours listening to episodes on this road trip and so it was fun to visit the “real Odyssey”. They have set up basically a small town with slides, hidden passage ways, an airplane, special rooms, a stage……. and (if you have heard the series you understand more) an ice cream parlor. It is free ( well the ice cream isn’t) and FABULOUS!!! Our kids thought it was incredible and I especially enjoyed the VERY LARGE bookstore!







DSC_0544 After we left Colorado, we scored an amazing deal at a resort in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The HYATT was so beautiful we even considered staying there an extra day and making and 800 mile drive straight home from there. However good sense took over and we made our way to Sedona, AZ.

Below….. a sleeping shot of the girls. They grew quite accustomed to sleeping together on this trip. :)

DSC_0548 On the balcony at the Hyatt.

DSC_0551 Well after 13 states, 22 days, 12 hotel rooms, 2 KOA’s, 1 lakeside reunion, approximately 75 cups of coffee,  about 150 restroom stops, 2 national parks, 1 very dirty mini-van, and an abundance of memories made…. we are home. What a trip! We will never forget this family adventure. Now it’s….. “back to life, back to reality”. Back to laundry.

Thank you Lord for a safe trip, that exceeded our expectations! 


  1. wow, what a neat trip! it was fun to read about your adventure!

  2. so much fun!! but I'm glad you're home, we missed you!

  3. Welcome back! It was fun living the road trip through you. I hope one day we can do the same. I know there are a lot of stories to tell and I hope we can get together to hear them. How many pictures did you take? Also, is Josh gonna grow his hair out or does he like the free and easy feeling of baldness? I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Again, welcom home!

  4. What an amazing trip! I loved all you pictures!!! And I can't believe there is an Adventures in Odyssey land in CO! That is AMAZING!!! We listened to those tapes all the time when I was a kid... we probably liked them a little too much!! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us online!!!