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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reunion Wrap Up……. What day are we on?

Well it is about 7:30 on Saturday morning and I am sitting in a hotel room in Austin, Minnesota. While the rest of my family sleeps in a little I thought I would blog….

We left the reunion in Mount Carmel yesterday. :( We were sad to say good-bye. We had a great time!

Our last days there were action packed, never lacking for anything to do.

Craft time:









Looking for Pennies in the hay…


On Wednesday night the dress up theme was “70’s”. I didn’t bring costumes but these are the girls bathing suit cover ups….. hey they worked!  Groovy right?

Also that night the kids all put on a mini musical. The little kids (5 and under) sang a song…… “when you walk with the Lord, you don’t get bored!” It was very cute!

DSC_0667 Here is the Berdine Nelson clan. Berdine with her 6 kids and the grandkids that were at the reunion.

DSC_0677 Afternoon activities were a hit! Bekah playing the egg toss, and bobbing for apples….











Swimming in the lake was a favorite. This week Anna proved that she can NOT do without a nap. Each day she fell asleep in a different random spot. One night on a dining chair, a couple times in someone’s arms, and on this particular day she fell asleep while swimming! Here Josh is bringing her into shore.


Canoeing with cousins……

DSC_0719 On Thursday they brought in a very small array of baby animals for the kids to see. Baby goats, bunnies and kittens…..

They were so excited to hold all of them, and somewhat disappointed we couldn’t take any home.



DSC_0726 DSC_0742











Here are the girls on Thursday night, “Twins Night”….

DSC_0747 On the last night, the session was about sharing faith beyond our borders. Someone had coordinated getting flags from all the countries that different members of the family had served in either short term or long term missions in. There were over 40 countries that were represented. It was pretty amazing to see the flags paraded around the chapel as we all sang “For a Thousand Tounges”.


Friday morning….. time to say good-bye to our little cabin, and family. They have a reunion every 4 years. Hard to believe that Bekah and Anna will be 9 and 6 next time!!!!!!!! 


Saying good-bye to the Hoffs til we all get back to California.


What a fabulous time we had. Now onto the rest of our road trip adventure!


  1. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I need to figure out some way to be related to you so I can go next time. Seriously.

    Missed you last night, lady!

  2. Great pictures! That's a hard core family reunion...so much planning. Glad you are having fun! See you soon.

  3. I am so glad it ended up being even better than you had imagined!

    Your girls will talk about it for the next 4 years - I guarantee it!

    Defintely a legacy to carry on with pride - even having 9 children yourself! ;o)