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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Date Day…..

Yesterday Josh took Bekah to the  USC game. To say that SHE was thrilled to be his date, would be an extreme understatement. She couldn’t wait to go on what she called a “hot dog date”. I think Josh must have told her that they were “going on a daddy daughter date and they would get hot dogs.” And obviously the hot dog part is what stood out to her. :)


Josh said they had a good time and overall Bekah enjoyed it. I guess she got into the cheerleading and the band and was cheering “GO SC!!” ( Do I see red and gold in her future? :) )  But of course a 4 hour game in 95 degree heat presents it’s negatives especially for a five year old with NO ( or very limited) interest in the game. But as any good daddy would do, Josh made sure she was constantly supplied with cold treats and yummy food. :) So she made it through the game and still said she “had a great time” when she got home.

While Daddy and Bekah were immersed in football fun, Anna and Mommy had a “date” of their own. WE were busy getting ready for a certain Daddy’s birthday. :) After a little birthday shopping we came home and made a cake ( from SCRATCH, I might add.) At first Anna was quite distraught to see Daddy and Bekah leave without her, but I am pretty sure she enjoyed her day alone with Mommy. ;)


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  1. Looks like fun! They are getting so big! You will have to let me know how the pregnancy is going. Can't wait to find out what you are having! :)