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Thursday, September 3, 2009

HOT outside…… but Autumn is on my mind! :(

In the midst of the local temperatures hitting triple digits, I bought  these…..


Normally when it is hot, I can’t even look at long sleeves or sweaters. I get an unusual sort of grumpy in persistent heat. (True confession. :(  ) I don’t know…..perhaps it is in hopes that if I think it is cold, then indeed it WILL be cold.

But alas… my air conditioner is PUMPING at maximum speed. I have ice in every beverage, I am wearing sundresses and I am going swimming tomorrow. So, I guess my attempt at “thinking” fall-like weather into reality is not working. And since putting these on my girls right now might qualify as child abuse they will stay, with tags on, hung in their closet until…… well…… October at which time they will be worn regardless of temp.  ;) I guess we will roll up the sleeves if need be…..Hey, what would pumpkin patch pictures be without orange shirts?  ( And of course they are matching.)

So hopefully the sake of my girls…… cooler days are ahead.  ;)


  1. Oh this is too funny, my Mom just bought Lainee the exact same shirt and the little khaki/green pants with the flower on the bum to go with! :)

  2. I am SO ready for cooler weather. I am not a gentle women in this heat. And I do not like to sweat 24/7 - no one looks good showing up for an event a sweaty mess!

    I love fall because of the fun clothes. My sister and I used to turn on the a/c for Thanksgiving so we could wear fall clothes and not look like idiots.

  3. Love them. The girls have the same ones!