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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kindergarten Kick Off!- Riley’s Log Cabin

Some of you may know that Josh and I have chosen to homeschool our children. As we start, we are both truly excited about this adventure!

As of yesterday our school is officially in session. We kicked off our first day of homeschooling and Rebekah’s first day of Kindergarten by going on a little frontier adventure. Riley's Apple Farm in Oak Glen, CA is a wonderful place that puts on FANTASTIC education programs and events as well as the fact that it is, indeed, a working apple farm.

So here are pictures of OUR first day of Kindergarten!

Rebekah playing the jug in the band.



Making corn husk dolls….. (just like Laura Ingalls)

DSC_0034I am so thankful that both my parents and Josh’s parents are in full support of our decision. My mom willingly joined us on our trip to Riley’s. It is always such a joy to have her company and her helping hands. Thanks mom for being a great “Teachers Aide” on our first day of school.

DSC_0036 The girls with their friends and dolls.

(always a good day with the Jacobs and Melvins)


Washing apples for apple cider…



My little frontier girls ready to “work”…..

DSC_0055 writing with quill pens….


Grandma helping hang the apple rings out to dry….

DSC_0063Rebekah picking green beans…

DSC_0082 doing laundry…

DSC_0089 and grinding corn stalks into feed for the chickens and pigs…..

DSC_0102 We had a great day experiencing “frontier” life. We made kazoos, went on a tractor ride, made apple cider, and had a lovely picnic lunch with friends. What a fantastic way to start our year!


And this is what you get at the end of a busy, hot day, right at nap time and Mommy wants one last “cute” picture. Can’t you tell they had a great time!?

Like I said…… it was a wonderful way to start off the year! Looking forward to all that is ahead.


  1. that's pretty impressive for your first day as a home schoolin' momma! i was home schooled for four years and i can tell your girls will have lots of good memories from your adventures :)good luck!

  2. looks like you ladies had a lovely time!!
    lucky girls!!!

  3. A great kick off to the new year AND to homeschooling!

    I am proud of you, Em!

  4. I am so proud of you guys for making this commitment. Welcome to the homeschool family!! Ever since I first started reading your blog, I wondered if you would homeschool. You've made a great decision...you won't regret it!! Check out The Old Schoolhouse Magazine on Facebook.