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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When life hands you crazy…… make butter!

Well the last two weeks have been eventful, to say the very least. Two Sundays ago our washing machine decided (in our absence) to continue to run, post cycle, which resulted in the flooding and damage of our kitchen, dining room and bedroom. So this left the girls and I (and our homeschooling routine) somewhat displaced, as our house was quickly invaded, torn apart and then blown dry with fans that resemble air plane engines. The fans were our “guests” for almost a week and in the midst of this life was, of course, still going on, as fast paced as ever……

…….so with my world seeming overly chaotic my first thought could have been (and was) “well we will just have to cancel school this week at our house.” But alas, the routine of homeschooling has become a source of peace for me. WE as a family are really enjoying it! Of course there are the moments of resistance and power struggles, but overall the students and teacher seem to be a good fit. ;) I look back over the last 2 weeks and am stunned at what we have accomplished in such a short time. No, my five year old doesn’t have a 5th grade reading level,  we have not mastered long division, or memorized the constitution. But we have made button jewelry, learned the pledge of allegiance, painted (with and without fruit), broken a lot of crayons, finished the first “Little House” book, read scripture, read countless books, practiced our letters, practiced our numbers, gone to the library, gone on walks, and spent time refining our manners, attitudes and words towards each other and the Lord. I am seeing both of my children learning, in all areas of life.

It’s been a crazy ,but overall, very good 2 weeks….

here is a glimpse into our kind of crazy:

Thankfully my parents are just a “hop, skip and a jump” away and so we just made our school mobile and took everything over to Grandma’s while our house was a “disaster zone”. Our letter of the week was “B” and so we made bread and butter. And if you know our girls they work best when ”in the groove”……. so we pumped up the music and danced our way to a “creamy, thick, yet spreadable consistency.”



after our dance session, we made quick use of the butter on warm biscuits…… the BREAD was still not ready but we just couldn’t wait. 

DSC_0194 Finally the bread…… while, I wish that I could honestly claim to making this bread from scratch (which was the plan according to my lesson plans), I must be truthful and say that we have to thank the Bridgeford company for this loaf. It was still yummy! Hey, a flood in the house does require some minor changes to the original plan.


And on Friday, we had our first “Friday School.” We are part of a program that has school every Friday. Bekah was excited to use her backpack and lunch pail.

I do have to say that I felt like a cruel human being/mother when the temps that day reached the 90’s and my daughter was wearing long sleeves and pants. She looked darn cute though, even through the sweat!


Rebekah with her fellow Kindergartners….


So our house is a major disaster, missing walls floors and full of dust. So the next couple of weeks don’t promise to be any less “eventful”. I will hopefully, in the end, have some great before and after photos to show you and of course stay tuned for more adventures from this “homeschool family.”

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