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Monday, October 26, 2009


Yesterday we (we= Josh and I) joined over  95,000 others at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA to see some Irish guys. ;)

We left after church, expecting “madness” with the parking and traffic situation……. it pretty much was. IMG_8293We did make a stop at a diner we had seen on Diners, Drive –Ins and Dives. This place called the Nickel Diner called our name when they showed they had homemade “novelty” doughnuts, which we tried.

IMG_8295 Here are the doughnuts…… we did have an actual meal, these were just the….. well….. appetizers. ;)

In order from bottom to top… Samoa Doughnut ( like the girl scout cookie), a homemade strawberry poptart, and at the top a Maple Bacon Doughnut. (that one was for you Miss Shanna ;)) The poptart was my favorite, the other doughnuts were a little over the top for my taste. Josh wanted me to note that he thoroughly enjoyed each of the items.


Here we are waiting outside the Rose Bowl for them to open the gates……


and here we are in our “seats”. I use that term loosely as they were actually bleachers and there was very little “sitting” that took place in them.


And then the concert began……

IMG_8336 It was quite a show!!!!!!

IMG_8359 This was my favorite part of the day…… spending time with my guy.

A picture of my date holding my hand. ;)

IMG_8356 And the guys depart, what a show!


It was a “beautiful day.”


  1. What a super fun date night - I am so impressed!

    You guys sure have a lot of FUN!

  2. How fun! But, seriously, WHY would someone ruin a perfectly good doughnut with bacon?! Ugh!