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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Candy Day!

hope you all had a good day yesterday, in what ever way you chose to spend it……

so ,of course, the girls said a unanimous “NO” to re-wearing the “handmade” ;) angel costumes they wore last week, in favor of pulling out, what else but, princess dresses from their dress up box.

IMG_8417 So Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbelle got ready for their night out….

IMG_8419  The first and only house they “trick or treated” at….. Hey, this house was handing out $10 bills AND candy, we pretty much could stop after this…. ;)

(for those of you not catching the humor, this is my parents house and they didn’t hand out money to every kid, just the cutest princesses in town) ;) And not all trick or treaters, while welcomed with a smile, were greeted with the same enthusiasm….;)


To quote the sleeping princess herself “sweepin booty” didn’t make it to the ball without falling “asweep”.


playing games at our church “Harvest Party”


IMG_8438 Mommy and daddy did their part and worked the pumpkin toss booth….. my lower back is still reminding me of my time in said booth…..


yes, Grandpa and Grandma got them cotton candy, because poor children didn’t have enough candy….. :(


in the puppy petting zoo….



AND HERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS…….. this could be the one and ONLY thing Anna is afraid of……. not that I blame her….


His smaller relative, didn’t seem to bother her.

IMG_8454 We finished the night off with drivin thru The Hat and going back to my parents, and then a somewhat early bed time.

Sleeping = the best use of our extra hour. :)

now for the serious task of removing candy from our house….. I have volunteered to take care of that ;)

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