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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shoes, Glitter, Crafts, Food and Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thank you Lord, for our many blessings…..

DSC_0460 Hoping you all had a blessed day! We, true to form, did not take our thanksgiving festivities far from home….. just about 3 blocks away to be exact. We had a fun day with family and had one of the best Thanksgiving meals I have ever been privileged to taste(seriously my mom, dad and aunt out did themselves this year!)

Here are some pictures of our day….

Yesterday, my dad called…. wondering my shoe size. “A little odd….” I thought, not one of his normal questions to ask. But he then told me that he saw some shoes and thought my with being “pregnant and everything” my feet could use something “festive.” So after a few phone calls and a couple hours, he and my mom stopped by with some “BLING” for me and the girls. What a nice little surprise! Notice the sparkly shoes. :)


We went to a nearby park this morning for some quick picture taking. Mostly of the shoes……. ;)



Gotta get a couple shots with the belly in there. Twenty eight weeks and counting!!!!!!!!! February cannot get here fast enough!




We went back to the folks house for a great meal…… Here is Dad after carving the turkey and making the most delicious candied yams.  Not only does the man have good taste in foot wear but only REAL men can wear an apron that says this……


The table…..

DSC_0515 And more glitter…… this time it wasn’t on our shoes, more like…. all over the place. Instead of saving a Christmas craft I had planned for school time, I decided to take full advantage of the extra hands for helping, the patio at my parents house and the extra free time that holidays seem to provide and do it today. We made sparkly Christmas trees for our mantel. 


DSC_0539 The finished products on the piano until we bring out all the Christmas decor tomorrow……..


So, it was a good day.

Where do I begin in conveying our thanks for the blessings that have been showered upon us? I am at a loss for words……

God is good. ALWAYS GOOD!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. The Christmas Tree craft is adorable!! Where did you get the idea. And you look so cute Emily with your pregnant belly! :o)

  2. what a cute idea for a craft!
    and LOVE the shoes!
    do u know where they found them?
    Sweet Pea would L-O-V-E

  3. the shoes are from Nordstroms :) they have other colors too!