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Friday, November 27, 2009

Wall Art continued………

…….trying to not get carried away but totally loving my new found craft!!!!! :)

Been working on the girls room lately, repainted, new bed, new comforters, and LOTS OF ORGANIZING & THROWING STUFF AWAY, put two dressers into one, two closets into one, and eliminated a lot of clutter….. all to get ready for our little guy!!!!! Anywho……. been wondering about the wall above the bunk bed, as it needed something… but hanging anything with weight might brain my child as she sleeps, if it fell. So a wall decal was a perfect solution and my “chandelier project” has only unleashed my creative juices or at least my copy cat juices! ;)

Having fun! 

DSC_0567 Another angle…


a couple little hiding friends…. do you see them?



  1. That is such a great idea. I have similar spots over the kids' beds that are blank for the same reason. Where did you get the supplies?

  2. very cute! i only wish you posted pics of the entire room "update", i love rearranging rooms, makes them feel new again!

  3. This is SO precious!!!! Where in the world did you get that pink/green paisley pillow!? SO SO SO CUTE!!!!

  4. where did you get the wall art? did you order them online? were they pricey??