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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wall Art…

The nesting phase of pregnancy is in full swing, I am pretty sure my husband wouldn’t see it as a phase as I am constantly changing and rearranging things in our home pregnant or not, but I can definitely sense more of an “urgency” within myself when it comes to all things decorating, organizing, cleaning and de-cluttering!

So on a recent restless browse through ETSTY I found, yet another thing, that sparked that all too common thought in my head….. “ I bet I could make that……” many a disaster has come about with those very words! I am happy to report that this time, I only had a couple frustrating moments and I am overall pleased with the final outcome. So…… not bad. :)

Check out my handmade wall decals…..


DSC_0444Time (they took over an hour each to do) really was the key element in this project otherwise, it was pretty easy. And best of all it was so much cheaper than the pricier ETSY versions. Seven bucks for a huge role of white contact paper and an Exacto knife and ta-da!!!!!!!! 

And I have enough Con Tact paper to make a hundred other wall decals or a least repaper every shelf in our kitchen……. hmmmmm what will I do? I don’t think there is a floor, wall or surface in my house that is safe from me at this point…… what will my hormones tear apart, glue together or reorganize next?

stay tuned……..


  1. You are brilliant! I can't wait to see what happens next!

  2. love them!
    did u stencil on a design and then cut them out?
    looks fabulous