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Saturday, November 7, 2009

what we do…..

Well, it wasn’t my intention to make this blog “homeschooling” themed…. but alas it is our life. We are loving it and as we get more into our daily routine of living and learning it is becoming harder and harder to find other things to blog about cause, really….. this is what we do….. 

here are a few of our projects over the last two weeks that were picture worthy….

Here are the girls making use of the box from our new coffee table. Over the course of a couple hours the box was a house, a boat, a concession stand, an oven, a cave, a tent, a tunnel and of course…. just a box.



We made our Thanksgiving center piece, which quickly became a decoration for the top of our piano as Miss Anna (also known as “the collector” in our house) took a liking to grabbing handfuls of leaves and putting them in random places….. mostly all over the floor.




And this project was very exciting for me….. I have had a minor sewing project that has been on my mind to get done for a long time, I kept putting it off because every time I get all the stuff out I then have to find something to distract my little “magnets”, and then a light bulb went on in my head….. (I am a little slow, I know),” how about teaching them how to sew!” Yes, I handed a 5 year old and a 2 year old a needle. And guess what… I was the only one to poke myself! We started simple, with ZERO expectations…. and we made something that somewhat resembles pillows! I was  proud of myself for not interfering with their handiwork, and even more proud of my girls for their diligence and excitement over their final product . They were thrilled! We are on the fourth book of the “Little House” series and this was one of those projects that just brought the words to life. Rebekah kept saying….. “ok, now that I have sewn a pillow, we should make a quilt like Laura’s Ma made!” Ummmmm…….. slow down there kiddo. Maybe one day we will get there.  




IMG_8494 IMG_8499So, that is what the Nelson girls have been up to. 

Oh, and in case you are wondering…. these projects were all on different days, it would seem that ballet outfits are our “school uniforms.”


  1. Is there anything wrong with wearing ballet outfits around the house?

    I wear one everyday.

  2. I love that you are reading your kids the Little House books!! My mom read all of them to us growing up, and Little House is probably my favorite tv series EVER. You are such a fabulous mom!