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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December……. so far…….

It seems like all my posts lately are a random gathering of moments…….

This one is just that…… a mish mash of activities. We have been able to experience some cooler weather (like in the 50’s and 60’s) in the last few weeks and for my overheated, overextended body it has been simply wonderful. The beginning of the the month brought it usual December craziness, but the last week and a half  have been all about being home, and loving and anticipating the REASON FOR THE SEASON!

We’ve enjoyed time in the backyard. (My girls favorite room in the house!) Anna got a mini-trampoline from Aunt Becky for her birthday and it is the perfect thing for our monkey. Now if only the screen had a way to lock her in there we would be set! ;)

jumpin  Cooler weather has inspired me to bake (a little……. just a little)…… cobbler, bread pudding and a couple batches of cookies……. all of which were quickly consumed….. by yours truly:(.

GetAttachment Bekah is for the most part done with naps….. a new stage that the Kindergarten status seemed to bring along with it. :( But she is still required (not without argument) to have a quiet time in her room. And I love when quiet times turn into this……….:)

Why do I feel so victorious when this happens? DSC_0767

Every year our church hosts an annual “Angel Breakfast” for just the kindergarteners. This was such a special morning. We appreciate our church and are so thankful for the opportunities it has provided our family.

Bekah with some of her friends……

DSC_0770 Getting special ornaments from a special Angel…..


A BIG event for us this month was Rebekah’s theatrical debut. Our homeschooling group put on a modern day version of “A Christmas Carol” and Rebekah was chosen to play the role of Mary. She was so excited and I am pretty sure this is the only time I have ever seen a portrayal of the nativity where the mother of Jesus walked out onto the stage giving a parade wave to the crowd. ;)


She even had a little solo dance. Just her and the baby Jesus. It was a proud moment. And her daddy, sister and I along with both  sets of grandparents were there……… 2nd row, dead center to watch our Bekah. :)

(I am trying to get Josh to put the video on here so we can show you……. sorry for the gushing…….. it was just so darn cute. )



This month is zooming by and it is hard to believe that we are just 2 days from the 25th!!!

Now to clean the house…….

Happy December all!

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  1. Great pictures! I love the one of Bekah kissing the baby. =)