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Monday, December 14, 2009

officially THREE!

Yesterday our Anna turned 3! It will take her some time to get used to, as she just mastered holding up 2 fingers! We started our day with, what else, doughnuts and presents.


DSC_0790 After church we headed over to Disneyland, as Anna is now “of age” Disney speaking, in other words….. we now have to pay for her. So our 3 year old got her first pass. And she could not have been more thrilled!!!! She is always quite bothered when we walk through the gate and she has nothing to hand the attendant. Now she does……

But before we entered the park…… a few snap shots.

A is for ANNA!!!


R is for Rebekah!!!

DSC_0807N is for Nelson!!! 

DSC_0809 We really had a very pleasant day as a family. Our girls chose to put on their best behaviors and had such sweet temperaments all day. They especially loved all the time with Daddy. (He was the choice partner for every ride. )

DSC_0810 And here is one of my favorite pictures!!! One of Anna’s favorite shows is Handy Manny!! THE only thing she requested for her birthday was a “handy manny tool set.” Look at this picture…. she couldn’t even look at the camera, she just kept looking at Manny with adoring eyes. (She might have been a little scared of his being over 6 foot tall…. but either way, she was smiling.:) )

DSC_0815 Happy Birthday Anna! We have faith that the Lord has a great plan for your life and we are honored to get to watch you become the little girl and eventually woman God wants you to be!


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to Anna! I don't think I realized how close together Anna and Iris are in age. (And how old is Rebekah?) Did you guys find out what you're having w/ #3? I was more uncomfortable a month ago than I am now at a few days overdue... so maybe you'll get "settled in" to the end of your pregnancy and with the holidays... the end is right around the corner!

  2. Happy Birthday Anna!!!!
    What a fun day! And I really do love your tradition of donuts in bed!! :)

  3. Absolutely precious pictures!! Happy Birthday Anna :) P.S. Bailey's stoked she has another girl that watches Handy Manny besides her and her boy buddies! :D

  4. Looks like a good day!

    Hey - what are you going to call your blog page when you add Mr. Micah?!

  5. haha We took Alice's pic in the A yesterday, and decided we needed to name any other children we have one of the letters of "California"... LOVE the 3 made of donuts!! Too cute!