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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seeing Minnie in my dreams…….

Today we celebrated Anna’s 3rd birthday! Her actual birthday is not until the 13th but we decided with December being so busy, earlier rather than later would be better for a party date.  The theme was Minnie Mouse as Anna is a devoted Mickey and Minnie fan! I am posting a lot of pictures!!!!!!!!! No really, I mean a lot!!!! I had such fun with the details of this party and couldn’t just pick a couple pictures of the day…… so even if you weren’t here, you get to see pretty much every detail! ;)

I had to figure a way to blend a party with all my Christmas decor and Minnie’s red and white made for endless “blending” possibilities!

This wreath was a total after-thought but it came out cute.The tag says…..

“ It may be a Minnie party….. but Anna’s 3rd Birthday is a BIG reason to celebrate!”

DSC_0629 Here we are in our Minnie attire. My mom and dad bought me and the girls our ensembles. Polka dots are slimming right?;) And of course we are making good use of our sparkle tennis.

DSC_0638  Here she is…… our Birthday Girl!!!! She kept telling me all week…. “Mommy, I so ezzzited for my pawty!!”


Our girls…… Bekah was just as hyper with anticipation for the festivities. She is a good big sis. :)


If you know me, you know that (in my opinion) there is NO reason for me to throw a party if I can’t have fun with the details. I love the chance to be creative and this party was no exception…… here are some of the little things that brought the party together.

Mickey and Minnie pots of daisies……










Carmel apples……. these were supposed to be my beautiful copies of the Minnie Mouse caramel apples at Disneyland, but alas….. after a couple hours of trial and error and a wonderful mom who was willing to help, we decided to just go with caramel apples drizzled with chocolate….. still fun.:)

DSC_0657 Minnie Cookies….


Beautifully sewn goodie bags….. My wonderful friend Valerie volunteered to make these for me and they could not have been cuter. :)


The cupcakes and candy to decorate…….

DSC_0669 The banner…… putting my Cricut to good use. ;) Thanks Valerie for this too!!! ;)


Ok…. so enough with the treats, sweets and decor…… here are some pictures of the party…..

Anna and Grandpa (in his Mickey wear too)!

DSC_0667 Pizza time………… We ordered 3 of the most GINORMOUS pizzas I have ever seen. Each pizza had 55 slices…….. we will be eating pizza for days…….

DSC_0692 Blowing out the candles…..


Bouncing, bouncing and bouncing……… Thank the Lord for bounce houses…… and thank you to our friends the Lees for letting us use theirs!!!! :)


Candy mayhem………..


Don’t be shy Anna……. dig right in!

DSC_0731Grandpa and Grammy Nelson brought 3 white doves for Anna to release for her 3 years. You may not be able to tell by the picture, but she was thrilled, no really, she LOVES the birds!!!!!


and of course there were presents….. I always find present opening so funny at kid’s birthday party’s. All the kids get closer and closer and closer as the presents continue until  you can’t even see the presents, you just see a bunch of little heads hovering over something.

DSC_0746 Any party success I have ever had is only because I have help….. and there are two “elves” ,in particular, who are always by my side doing the grunt work and pretty much anything I throw their way or forget to do…… my mom and aunt Becky. What would I do without my 2 extra sets of hands? Thanks ladies for your help, love and support! :)


We had such a fun time celebrating our sweet Anna! She keeps us busy, always on our toes, but delights our hearts, makes us smile and is one of our most precious blessings!

Happy birthday to our vivacious, energetic, curious, strong, and happy little monkey! :)


  1. Absolutely precious! You are SO creative!

  2. sososososossososososososo sad we missed it.

  3. so cute Emily...you are so creative! I need to take lessons from you!

  4. Another good memory for your daughter.

    I can't wait to see what kind of boy themes you come up with - a whole new world for you! :o)