"Bottling up both the sweet and tart of life's most precious moments. "

Friday, December 31, 2010

saying goodbye and looking forward…


With only hours left before we usher in the new year…

I think…

I remember…

2010 was a year of joy, learning, growing, changing, excitement, praying and seeking.

* The beginning of this year we were full of anticipation for our son Micah’s arrival…and on February 16th we welcomed our beautiful baby boy!

*This year we saw our little man… grow, smile, giggle, sit up, learn to crawl, pull himself up and make each day of holding him and loving him a blessing.

*This year we ended our first year of homeschooling and started our second.

*This year I turned the big 3-0 and said goodbye to my 20’s. Ten years I will forever remember as a decade of beginnings.

*For my kids… this year saw some teeth lost, some teeth gained,inches gained, sizes outgrown,a few colds, mostly healthy days, lessons learned, questions asked… some answered.

*This year our Rebekah started her journey to read. 

*This year… we went on field trips, read books, sang, crafted and created.

*This year our Anna learned how to whistle! (which some adults can’t even say.)

*This year we read and memorized scripture.

*This year there were games played, cookies baked, dollies hugged, and princess dresses worn.

*This year bikes were ridden and swings were swung.

*This year we planted a vegetable garden and reaped the benefits. 

*This year we  made new friends, traveled a little, laughed a lot.

*This year there was simplifying, some organizing, and a lot of reprioritizing.

*This year there were birthday parties, a few weddings, our 9th anniversary and plenty of celebrating.

*This year  our house leaked in some places, but got face lifts in others.

*This year there was praying, thinking, meditating and making decisions.

*This year there was WORK and the rewards of a job…

*This year there was sun, some rain, days of hot! hot! hot! and there were several days of cold too.

*This year we experienced joy, gladness, excitement and absolute glee!

*This year there were some tears, some disappointments, a few scars, a few doctors, a few unknowns…

But this year and every year we saw blessings, peace, and the MIGHTY HAND of our SAVIOR ever present and ever true in our lives.


And so I say goodbye…

goodbye 2010…

…we can go forth into 2011 with anticipation because each second, day and year is held in the hand of the KING…. every minute that has been and is to come…. HE KNOWS.

He is not surprised by a second that passes. He is in CONTROL!

So while we can speculate as to what the year ahead will hold… truly…. “only God knows.”

And because HE IS GOOD… always, and because HE IS CONSTANT, and because HE IS, indeed, GOD….

I can say….

I am excited to see whatever 2011 holds!



Be looking to see JESUS in the 365 days of 2011!

He will be there!

Who says we don’t…..

have winter in Southern California?

Below… you will see ICE!

That’s right… ICE!

These huge ice chips were off of some outside toys that had water in them which FROZE overnight!

While it’s not exactly a frozen pond for skating, or a snow covered lawn, it still says WINTER to me!!!!!

( I know that there are several people who are sitting at home snowed in by feet of snow, laughing at me right now… but when weather in December can hit the 90’s around here you find delight in the slightest chill.)

I’m thinking hot chocolate is appropriate on a day like today… what do you think?

Happy sweater wearing!





Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yesterday we went….



One of the Christmas presents we received from my parents was tickets for…..

Peter Pan

(click above to see a glimpse of the show)

Right now it is in Orange County so we met my parents at South Coast Plaza ,across the street, and dropped off  Mr. Micah with them for a couple hours while the four of us went…. flying!

This production was AMAZING! It is in a circular tent  and basically the walls of the tent are a large screen that act as the back drop of the play. When the characters are flying above London, it felt like we were too. When they were swimming with mermaids, we were too. When the pirates fired a cannon… well, put it this way….. we ducked!

It was so cool! Both of the girls sat in awe the entire show. We had, I am convinced, the BEST seats in the house… it was AMAZING!

If you can get tickets for this show…. GO!!!!!


(can you tell I was impressed?)



below are pictures we took before we were swiftly (yet politely) told to NOT take pictures! Winking smile




This is after the show… they were running so fast I didn’t have time to focus the camera.Winking smile

They were hyped up!




After the show we met my parents and aunt for dinner at Maggianos for some very tasty Italian food. Have you tried their stuffed mushrooms? MAMA MIA!!!Winking smile Micah enjoyed the noodles and conked out mid-meal. He was EXTREMELY tired! But from what I understand, he was angelic while with grandpa and grandma! That’s my guy! Smile


After dinner we had a little post-Christmas shopping to do and so we went over to South Coast. We had not been there in forever, it seemed. Although, it actually doesn’t seem  like it was over 8 years ago that I used to work there and when we would spend quite a bit of our free time there…. uhhhummm…..Winking smile 

Oh…. life before kids…..

I like life with kids better.

Anyways … I took this picture (below) with my phone. We went in to Gap Kids and this jacket is what Bekah set her sights on for spending some of her money. She is becoming more and more the fashion conscience girl, even choosing this when her sister chose a princess doll at the Disney Store. And talk about score… the original price on this jacket was $80 and we got it for $18! We walked out of the store and she immediately put it on and proceeded to walk with a swing in her step and was VERY proud of her purchase! I am just praying for some cold weather so that she gets to actually wear it.


So that was our day!

Fun, to say the least! What a great Christmas present Grandpa and Grandma! Smile 

A memory we will have forever!

p.s. Rebekah, of course, wants to grow up to “BE IN THAT show!” and Anna was slightly disappointed that “You know what!?!?!Tinkerbelle was just a big people!” (She was expecting an actual fairy.)Winking smile

(quotes in their own words.)Smile

Monday, December 27, 2010

Disney on Ice

Last week we went with our friends to see Disney on Ice.

Disney put on a great show! 




Micah lasted for most of the show but did have to go on a little walk with grandma at one point. Thank goodness for grandmas!


The girls with one of their favorite ladies, Miss Emmerly.


It was a night full of sparkles and lights.


With a big finale!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

pedals, wheels, scoots and smiles…

Trying out those outdoor Christmas presents before anymore rain comes our way…


we are just steps away from the local middle school and so on weekends we like to make use of their wide open parking lot for bike riding, scooter scooting, and now for fun with the Plasma Cars. Smile


Micah is CONSTANTLY chewing on something….

here: a puzzle piece he somehow snuck out of the house.


Anna trying out her 2 wheeler…

The days and weeks after her birthday have been pretty soggy and rainy so she hasn’t been able to use it much.


She likes it though.


Even Mommy tried the Plasma Car… where were these things when I was little?



Micah’s car became the carry all for the girls “stuff. ” And the next chew item of choice was a plastic hot dog.


Sunday afternoon fun!


A Christmas day… photo play-by-play…

Here is what our Christmas day looked like.

The girls encouraging Micah to crawl over and see what he got under the tree.

(In other words….. “hurry up and see your present so we can open ours!”)


And he finally sees his car!


And he makes it!


Anna says…. “Mommy, I was thinking Micah could share that car if he wants too….” Winking smile


Then we opened stockings…..


showing off their “strobe” rings.


Mommy got something in her stocking too.  All 8 seasons of my favorite show! Smile (p.s. our girls were actually pretty stoked about this gift too. Smile )


Micah opened his stocking in his car and pretty much sat there chewing on his new toothbrush for the entirety of the present opening experience.


Then we tore into the gifts!

Plasma cars for the girls. Have you seen these things? They are so cool!


Taking them for a quick test drive.



Christmas socks.


The girls got coordinating backpacks and lunch boxes. ( This was mommy’s practical gift.) They loved them though!


See how thrilled they were!?! Winking smile 

No really. They we actually very excited…… I promise.


Micah and his “First T-ball set”


“Let me at that toy daddy!”


With their new princess dolls.


All ready to go to grandpa and grandmas. They walked over with daddy. Mommy drove. Winking smile


Ready to go!



The BEST shot of the day!

Happy 1st Christmas Micah Jay! You have been a blessing, gift and answer to prayer!

(You think he liked the car?Winking smile)


Then it was over to grandpa and grandma’s for more gifts and a day of games, relaxing, and… of course… FOOD!Smile

Micah opening his “gumBALL machine” from Aunt Becky


Anna showing off her backpack and the matching one she got for her doll. Smile  Oh… and her new boots.


This is what playing Santa does to parents…. kind of groggy.


After breakfast we had some Christmas Crackers. 


Traditionally in the Christmas Crackers… there is a crown. The reason for that crown is to remind us that we are celebrating THE KING!!!!!

The De jongs.


Grandpa and Anna.


Grandma and Bekah.


Then we talked to Uncle Nate in Florida. Isn’t technology amazing?


We even took a family picture…

Pretty funny, slightly sad Sad smile (since we would have rather had him here) but still pretty cool …. hey to quote my mom “we’ll take what we can get!”


Then it was all about busting out the toys and play time!

Aunt Becky was a success with this gift for the girls. Their own microphones and stands so they can rock, talk and put on shows! ( Cause we ALL know that is right up their alley!)

Rebekah…. telling jokes.

(p.s. look at those rockin boots! Those were a “wish those came in my size” purchase.)


Anna was rockin out the “Jesus Loves Me” like only Anna can.


My sister and brother-in-law introduced us to this game. Which was a lot of fun! We have found a new family favorite.

We watched  a little of this…

and this…


And then we brought my grandma over for a little visit and dessert. My grandma Carleene has been living with Alzheimer's  for quite some time and lives in a home about 3 miles from us and my parents.

She was happy to see the kids and every body else and looked very festive in her Santa hat!



It was a good day and a merry Christmas ,indeed.

We celebrate this day knowing that we serve a







A God that came to us in the most humble, and vulnerable way he could…. as a baby.

He came to save the world!

Yes, we had a good Christmas…

because we KNOW THE reason for celebrating!