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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January was….

Well it happened…… January came and went, the first month of 2010 has passed by and all without one post from your truly. Sorry friends. So for those of you who emailed me wondering if I was ok, alive, or just ever going to blog again… here is a January event recap.

In the beginning of the month some wonderful friends hosted a shower for me and our little boy! Opening boxes and bags of blue and bold colors, trucks and bugs gave me just a little glimpse of how much our world is about to change.

  How blessed I am to call these women friends. They are all people who have prayed for me, laughed with me, and shared many a memory. :) I have known them all for at least 16 years now and some even longer. What a comfort to know you have friends to count on.

It was a good day.


Thanks to Shanna and Rachel for hosting and Patti for getting some great pictures of the day!




With Micah’s arrival being the number one thing on our minds we thought it would be beneficial/ therapeutic for us to get away one last time as a family of four. So we headed out to Palm Springs for a three day weekend. When we go out to the condo we try to make our trips as uneventful (with as few outings) as possible and truly just relax. We really needed this time away. The girls learned how to roller skate (well almost), they played a lot with daddy, did quite a few crafts and we made one outing to the local children’s museum. (If you are ever in the Palm Springs area the Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert  is a fabulous way to spend a day with kids!!!! Our girls could have stayed for much longer but Mamma was getting HUNGRY ;))


Both girls were complaining of sore bottoms the next morning. :)


We made “Shrinky Dinks”, window stickers, and played with lots of play-doh!

DSC_0060 The girls “played” catch with daddy, much to the enjoyment of mommy. :) They are learning…… but somehow I am thinking they are suited better for a sport that doesn’t require catching anything.


As seen by the photos below………

DSC_0064  (not exactly the position one should take when getting ready to catch a ball)

Bekah at least kept her eyes open, she tended to take more of a ballet/ yoga approach to her catching and throwing)


So when the catching wasn’t happening, we made our own game… “bottom ball”. By attaching the Velcro piece to the loops in their pants they were perfect targets for catching of a different sort. Call us “wierd”, “odd” and even “crazy”, but we were all laughing and it made for a fun time together.



Here are some pictures from our trip to the museum…

searching for artifacts…




The museum has a ‘69 Volkswagen Bug that the kids are allowed to paint.




And of course my girls love any chance to dress up and make believe. :)




and show their monkey side……


So our 3 day get away was a good time of focusing on our two little ladies who are about to get their world shaken (just a little).

And the month was finished with a big bang when our Sunday school class threw a shower for us. Once again, I was humbled by the generosity of friends and blessed by the love and support surrounding us.

( p.s. the beautiful cake was made by my sweet friend Aly at B Sweet Cakes and it was DELISH to say the least)



So those are the major events of the first month of this year. The rest of the month, there was rain, there was sunshine and mostly the girls and I stayed cozy in our house learning, crafting, watching movies, reading books, organizing rooms and shelves and getting ready for Micah. ( I might post about our crafty creations later.)

So here we are a few days into February and less than 2 weeks away from having our little boy! Of course we are praying, hoping, begging, and wanting him to come before then but know that God has the moment, minute, hour, and day perfectly chosen for his arrival. (I am just saying I wouldn’t have a problem if that time was right NOW! ;) )

Hope your 2010 is off to a good start! Oh and I haven’t said yet……

Happy New Year!


  1. Glad to see you back! How exciting that you are so close. Can't wait to see your creations! :)

  2. So glad to hear from you again Miss Em - thought filled with a lot of "stuff" your month looked pretty wonderful in terms of others celebrating the life of your new son!

    Enjoy your new world!

    Love you,

  3. Welcome back! I'll be praying for a happy birthday!