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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Staying Occupied…

With the lower half of my body pretty much looking like this

and sitting here for the last 2 weeks…


… I have found many a minute to surf the blogging world. One blog that caught my eye is Tatertots and Jello. This girl has fantabulous ideas and it was she that inspired most of our crafty distractions over the last couple weeks…DSC_0169 The first thing we made was a Valentines day wreath out of coffee filters. The girls and I dyed some of the filters and painted some more. Then we twisted them into flowers and……


ta-da…… a little glue and a foam wreath form later we have a sassy center point for our mantle. Also from the same blog she had some “XOXO” inspired art. We chose to use the word “love”. My goal for our valentines decorating this year was to NOT purchase a single thing but use up what we have. So no ribbon to hang the wreath, how about a tape measure? Frames were in the garage sale pile in the garage. We made a fabric pom pom garland from a scrap of fabric and are currently making a red one to add to this one. Buttons and glitter were all things I had. We are still working on our final “February Mantle” debut. It’s been fun to have project that we are working on together and that cost Mamma nothin! :)


DSC_0179 I have had this project in mind since I found out we were expecting a boy. Decoupage might be my newest craft addiction. Added flair to a tin star too. ( Will post complete pictures of the baby’s room soon.)




The best thing to distract a busy mind is to busy the hands…… so I got out a ball of yarn and my trusty old crochet needles and tried my hand at making “snow bands”, basically thick head bands, for the girls. They turned out cute and these pictures don’t do them justice, but when your models are hungry for dinner, just woke up from a nap and both have ear infections…… not to mention you aren’t paying them, you take what you can get.

So here is Miss Silly


And here is Miss Grumpy




So there are a few ways, the Nelson girls have kept busy in recent weeks……crafting makes us happy. :)



And… today Rebekah Nelson made a break through… she can now say she can… tie her own shoes! Yipee!



  1. Such cute projects :) What a cool blog you found! I have to say you made me think of a Dr Oz segment I saw about sticking a raw peeled clove of garlic in your girls ear (big one so that it doesn't get stuck) and use a band aide taped over their ear to hold it in... you leave it in over night and the ear infection should be gone by morning, and his show did some test and proved that it actually does work! ;) Still have yet to try it on Bailey!

  2. I love your crafty ideas! You always decorate so cute. I need to hire you to do my house! LOL

  3. Emily is BACK!

    This is the creative, up beat Emily we know and love - and the Emily we have missed!

    Your decor will add joy to your home for the weeks to come when you are taking care of a wee one with no time to think about anything else.

    I love you!!!