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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Counting our blessings…

Josh and I have recently gotten into watching the show “Chuck.” (Thanks to NETFLIX) If you aren’t familiar with the plot line, it revolves around a guy who (long story short) carries around a government computer database in his head. Random things trigger “flashes” which lead him to solve/ prevent crimes. While I don’t have flashes that would enable me to be working for the CIA … I can relate to random things causing me to “flash” in the creativity department. Wether it be a blog post, a garage sale find, an item at Target, or in this case, that darn Pottery Barn Catalog, I will see something and my mind starts spinning with possibilities… for party ideas, decor options, home school lessons, crafty challenges,organizing, wardrobe changes, outings,vacation ideas… the list goes on. So back in…December (?)… I got that darn Pottery Barn catalog. ( I refer to it with such affection, because truly we have a love-hate relationship. I love to look through it’s pages but never like the feeling of “want” I experience once I put it down.) Anyways… I open the catalog and they have these pillows… these simple pillows with numbers 1, 2 or 3 on them and the meaning on the back of each pillow. My mind flashes! Bizarre, I know… but it’s true. Immediately, I think babies… Hey, I have 3! How cute to have a #3 pillow, and then the ideas spiral (this sounds weird, but I am telling you it happens often for me.) Then I think baby announcements… “Hey!!! I could do a count our blessings spin off…” ( All of this from a page in a catalog!) If you are calling me crazy, I don’t blame you…

So because my husband is wonderful and indulges my creative side, he came home with said pillow one day and stage one of my plan was done. Check!

Next item on the list… HAVE BABY!……… CHECK! and double CHECK! Vision becoming reality…


Next step… buy a number 1 and 2… paint them black… CHECK and CHECK… it’s ok if you’re not following me…I’m a little confused myself.

This is followed by finding time to take pictures (that I want to show people) of my 3 kiddlets… (And because energy and alertness is on short supply for me these days, it took my almost 5 weeks, but yes… CHECK! got that done too!)

I will just say I was a beastly mess by the time pictures were done. This is the curse of the “flashes” and also the curse of being… well… me! I see it! I see the vision in my head, how I want something to be, and for some reason reality doesn’t always go with my plan. So baby was crying, pictures were blurry, kids were looking elsewhere and then don’t get me started on finding just the right place to design the card that exists in my head but of course Sams Club and Costco photo departments don’t carry for the reasonable price, I was hoping for....  but I will choose my battles.

So in the end… my exact “flash” or vision was not exactly accomplished but those receiving our birth announcement/ late Christmas letter will get the general idea of what I was going for…

Something like this… (of course scaled down to fit a 5x7 card size ;))


Counting Our Blessings…


Rebekah Kate-6 years

DSC_0078 Anna Elizabeth- 3 years



Micah Jay- 5 weeks


It can be said that our blessings are far to numerous to be counted, but these are 3 blessings that compare to no others we have received. Our priceless treasures.

St Patrick’s Day

Hope you all had a festive St Patrick’s Day!

I enjoy this holiday for several reasons…

– #1… gotta love the corned beef

- #2…Green just happens to be my favorite color. I have several wardrobe options. :)

- #3…The history of St Patrick is most interesting and is great for homeschooling lessons, or just life lessons.

- #4… The possibilities are endless, when it comes to using the green theme (not to mention green food coloring).

- #5… St Patty’s day helps break up a very long month.


Here is what we did to celebrate our Irish roots, have fun with green, and most importantly bring it all back to Jesus…


Green Pop Corn… well a few kernels were green.


Made green cupcakes…



IMG_8681 Watched a video about St Patrick, his journey of faith, mission and teachings. Even the dog watched.


St Patrick used the shamrock (Ireland’s national flower) to teach people about the Holy Trinity. We made our own shamrocks…





We finished off the day with a traditional St Patrick’s day meal at my parents.

Here is the Nelson 5 all decked out in green!

one month…

You think that after 3 kids, I would be used to time flying by. You would think…………………… yet, I am still constantly amazed by how quickly life is happening. So here I am again… not believing that it has already been a month since Micah came into the world. WOW!  And because I will NEVER get used to the racing of time, when I get chances to sit down at the computer… I am attempting to capture little things, moments & memories.

So for memory sake-


at one month old… Mommy is still recovering… mentally, physically and mostly trying to remember what sleep is like. We are adjusting overall very well to being a family of 5. You fit in very well!

At one month you have already -

- outgrown size newborn and size 1 diapers :)

- you gained 12 ounces from your 2nd to 3rd week of life (you are a good eater) and I am pretty sure you are well over 12 lbs now

- you fill out your 0-3 months clothes very well and 3-6 month size is not far from fitting

- you have already been to Disneyland (at almost 4 weeks)

- we are still working on sleeping for longer than 2-3 hour time slots

- you have stolen the hearts of your sisters who are constantly showering you with affection

- you like being swaddled

- you show promise for liking a pacifier (we will see if that sticks)

- your not a big fan of getting in the car seat

- you keep your mommy with a constant supply of dirty laundry (often going through several outfits in a couple hours)

- I foresee very tone and strong arms in your mommy’s future as 95% of the time she is carrying you around

- you are starting to focus more and look more intently with those beautiful navy blue eyes



This first month is a little blurry in my mind. (I blame the lack of sleep.) It seems like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital. I joke often (although, I am semi-serious) that insurance should cover a 2 night stay in the hospital once the baby hits 3 weeks just so that mommy can get sleep! :)

So this has been my moment, my attempt to sit down and try to preserve time… bottle up (if you will) the sweetness of the last month with my son.

We love you so much Micah Jay. You are a great addition to our family!   



Get us out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend we made the most of beautiful Southern California weather and got out of the house!!! We needed some time outside of our little green house. (Mommy and Daddy included.)  Since the arrival of Micah we have spent the majority of our time at home and signs of cabin fever were starting to show.

So Saturday we went to the park…

It was like corking two bottles of champagne. These girls had some major pent up energy.

They ran, climbed, dug, swung, slid, rolled and jumped with total appreciation of every moment.  You could see them breathing in freedom.



Mommy and Daddy sitting playground-side, enjoying a brisk and beautiful day.


Micah is a happy guy after he eats.


Sunday we made a trip to Disney (so did a lot of other people)


Micah spent a majority of the day in the Bjorn. He likes being held.


My girls


Josh and his babies.


Friday, March 12, 2010

an “oh no!!!!!” moment…. for Anna

Since Anna was just weeks old she has found comfort in this…

DSC_0040 Yep, some may see it as repulsive, gross, ugly and dirty ( even though I swear it is clean!). I wash it at least once a week and it still (even when coming out of the dryer) has an odor that can only be described as “odd”. It used to look like this… pink (it wasn’t always that charming shade of grey), fluffy, oh-so-soft, and new.

( That is our Anna Banana at 4 months old.)IMG_8554 

Anyways… Anna has offered many times in recent months, to give Micah her “Dinky” (Anna’s given name to her source of comfort) and has even put it in his crib on countless occasions as to say “here you go, Micah!” However, as soon as bedtime rolls around she is quick to retrieve it. :)

This morning had a moment that caused me to laugh, and also ask the question…”you are just now noticing this!!!!?????????????”

As we were getting ready for our day, I hear a very LOUD “OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!” followed by a very sincere and hurtful crying. Anna came running out of the room holding “dinky” with tears streaming down her face and said…… “MOMMY DINKY HAS A HOLE IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

ummm…… I kind of laughed, thinking……………… “A hole?- try 50 holes!!!”…………………The thing is basically being held together only by Anna’s love for it. Every time I throw that thing in the wash, I wait to find it shredded in the bottom of the washer and no longer salvageable. So I guess for just a moment Anna was able to see her “friend” tattered and torn like everyone else sees it and it was sad to her. I asked her if she wanted to get rid of it and she quickly said…… “No, you need to fix it!!!!” I guess I found it hard to believe that she was just now noticing how beat up Dinky was. But when you love something as much as Anna loves this blanket, I guess you are blinded to it’s flaws, holes and yes… even, the odors.

Come to think of it…Anna looks at her Dinky much like God looks at us. How blemished we are, torn, beaten, “stinky” even, but yet He loves us… washes us over and over with His grace and longs to be close to us despite all imperfections. He never wants to get rid of us, but holds us in a place of honor and offers us His Spirit that can indeed fix our imperfections and patch our hole filled hearts.

(Had no intention of writing a devotional here… funny how God reveals Himself in even the littlest of things…)

So… Anna may hang on to “stinky dinky” (my name for it) for a while longer ……and really… that is fine with me. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Rebekah Kate!

This past Saturday we celebrated Rebekah’s 6th birthday! Where has the time gone?

Just yesterday she was that chubby little baby with a ton of hair and a tooth. :) Now she is a little lady, eager to help, nurturing to a fault, full of energy, quick witted, anxious to make others happy, ready to learn and wildly curious about life.

Bekah at 5 weeks old…




For Rebekah’s 6th birthday we have a shopping day planned with her cousin… but for our own little family celebration we made a day trip to Pretend City and had lunch at Bob’s Big Boy… I don’t think she was disappointed. ;)



And that evening we had dinner at Grandpa and Grandma’s. Here she is enjoying her new rain attire.




Happy birthday to our first born… We love you Rebekah! 

He is here!

Well, it is probably time for me to post that Micah Jay Nelson is finally here!! On February 16th at 7:55am Micah came into the world at a whopping 10lbs 9oz and 20.5 inches long! We give all the glory to God for Micah’s safe and healthy arrival. We look forward to seeing him grow and become all God wants him to be.

Out of all of my pregnancies this one was the winner for being the most “DONE” at the end! To say I was “over it” would be an extreme understatement! I am pretty sure the fact that he was so big contributed greatly to my discomfort. ;)

Getting ready to go to the hospital… (the only reason I am smiling is because I know the end is near.)


(some pictures of our hospital stay)



DSC_0360 The past 12 days have been obviously an adjustment ( who needs sleep? right?)… but I think we will do quite well as a family of five.


Micah has made it very clear… that he likes being close to his mommy. ;)


Micah’s sisters are so excited to have a baby brother.DSC_0446

He has a very proud daddy.



Getting ready to leave the hospital on the 19th…





Needless to say we are in love, smitten with those chubby cheeks and bursting with pride.