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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Counting our blessings…

Josh and I have recently gotten into watching the show “Chuck.” (Thanks to NETFLIX) If you aren’t familiar with the plot line, it revolves around a guy who (long story short) carries around a government computer database in his head. Random things trigger “flashes” which lead him to solve/ prevent crimes. While I don’t have flashes that would enable me to be working for the CIA … I can relate to random things causing me to “flash” in the creativity department. Wether it be a blog post, a garage sale find, an item at Target, or in this case, that darn Pottery Barn Catalog, I will see something and my mind starts spinning with possibilities… for party ideas, decor options, home school lessons, crafty challenges,organizing, wardrobe changes, outings,vacation ideas… the list goes on. So back in…December (?)… I got that darn Pottery Barn catalog. ( I refer to it with such affection, because truly we have a love-hate relationship. I love to look through it’s pages but never like the feeling of “want” I experience once I put it down.) Anyways… I open the catalog and they have these pillows… these simple pillows with numbers 1, 2 or 3 on them and the meaning on the back of each pillow. My mind flashes! Bizarre, I know… but it’s true. Immediately, I think babies… Hey, I have 3! How cute to have a #3 pillow, and then the ideas spiral (this sounds weird, but I am telling you it happens often for me.) Then I think baby announcements… “Hey!!! I could do a count our blessings spin off…” ( All of this from a page in a catalog!) If you are calling me crazy, I don’t blame you…

So because my husband is wonderful and indulges my creative side, he came home with said pillow one day and stage one of my plan was done. Check!

Next item on the list… HAVE BABY!……… CHECK! and double CHECK! Vision becoming reality…


Next step… buy a number 1 and 2… paint them black… CHECK and CHECK… it’s ok if you’re not following me…I’m a little confused myself.

This is followed by finding time to take pictures (that I want to show people) of my 3 kiddlets… (And because energy and alertness is on short supply for me these days, it took my almost 5 weeks, but yes… CHECK! got that done too!)

I will just say I was a beastly mess by the time pictures were done. This is the curse of the “flashes” and also the curse of being… well… me! I see it! I see the vision in my head, how I want something to be, and for some reason reality doesn’t always go with my plan. So baby was crying, pictures were blurry, kids were looking elsewhere and then don’t get me started on finding just the right place to design the card that exists in my head but of course Sams Club and Costco photo departments don’t carry for the reasonable price, I was hoping for....  but I will choose my battles.

So in the end… my exact “flash” or vision was not exactly accomplished but those receiving our birth announcement/ late Christmas letter will get the general idea of what I was going for…

Something like this… (of course scaled down to fit a 5x7 card size ;))


Counting Our Blessings…


Rebekah Kate-6 years

DSC_0078 Anna Elizabeth- 3 years



Micah Jay- 5 weeks


It can be said that our blessings are far to numerous to be counted, but these are 3 blessings that compare to no others we have received. Our priceless treasures.


  1. Love it! Those pillows are so cute and I have been scheming to make one with a 4 on it. :) (Thanks to your tatertots and jello tip.) I can't believe it has been 5 weeks already. I have GOT to touch base with you again. Let me know when you are free.

  2. Love it. I think you totally were able to execute your vision. You're so creative !!

  3. So, so cute! I am never able to get the exact picture that I want when I try to get it. I feel your pain! Love the idea though. I am trying to decide if I will feel guilty for stealing it when our little angel arrives. :) We'll see if I get a flash before then.