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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get us out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend we made the most of beautiful Southern California weather and got out of the house!!! We needed some time outside of our little green house. (Mommy and Daddy included.)  Since the arrival of Micah we have spent the majority of our time at home and signs of cabin fever were starting to show.

So Saturday we went to the park…

It was like corking two bottles of champagne. These girls had some major pent up energy.

They ran, climbed, dug, swung, slid, rolled and jumped with total appreciation of every moment.  You could see them breathing in freedom.



Mommy and Daddy sitting playground-side, enjoying a brisk and beautiful day.


Micah is a happy guy after he eats.


Sunday we made a trip to Disney (so did a lot of other people)


Micah spent a majority of the day in the Bjorn. He likes being held.


My girls


Josh and his babies.


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