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Friday, March 12, 2010

an “oh no!!!!!” moment…. for Anna

Since Anna was just weeks old she has found comfort in this…

DSC_0040 Yep, some may see it as repulsive, gross, ugly and dirty ( even though I swear it is clean!). I wash it at least once a week and it still (even when coming out of the dryer) has an odor that can only be described as “odd”. It used to look like this… pink (it wasn’t always that charming shade of grey), fluffy, oh-so-soft, and new.

( That is our Anna Banana at 4 months old.)IMG_8554 

Anyways… Anna has offered many times in recent months, to give Micah her “Dinky” (Anna’s given name to her source of comfort) and has even put it in his crib on countless occasions as to say “here you go, Micah!” However, as soon as bedtime rolls around she is quick to retrieve it. :)

This morning had a moment that caused me to laugh, and also ask the question…”you are just now noticing this!!!!?????????????”

As we were getting ready for our day, I hear a very LOUD “OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!” followed by a very sincere and hurtful crying. Anna came running out of the room holding “dinky” with tears streaming down her face and said…… “MOMMY DINKY HAS A HOLE IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

ummm…… I kind of laughed, thinking……………… “A hole?- try 50 holes!!!”…………………The thing is basically being held together only by Anna’s love for it. Every time I throw that thing in the wash, I wait to find it shredded in the bottom of the washer and no longer salvageable. So I guess for just a moment Anna was able to see her “friend” tattered and torn like everyone else sees it and it was sad to her. I asked her if she wanted to get rid of it and she quickly said…… “No, you need to fix it!!!!” I guess I found it hard to believe that she was just now noticing how beat up Dinky was. But when you love something as much as Anna loves this blanket, I guess you are blinded to it’s flaws, holes and yes… even, the odors.

Come to think of it…Anna looks at her Dinky much like God looks at us. How blemished we are, torn, beaten, “stinky” even, but yet He loves us… washes us over and over with His grace and longs to be close to us despite all imperfections. He never wants to get rid of us, but holds us in a place of honor and offers us His Spirit that can indeed fix our imperfections and patch our hole filled hearts.

(Had no intention of writing a devotional here… funny how God reveals Himself in even the littlest of things…)

So… Anna may hang on to “stinky dinky” (my name for it) for a while longer ……and really… that is fine with me. :)


  1. Seriously, this should be in a "Chicken Soup For The Soul" book! Beautiful :) I had a "greeny" :)

  2. Perhaps for when she is ready to let go of it, you could prepare a special place of "high honor" to retire it in order to keep it safe from further wear and tear. Maybe if she can visit her beloved friend in this special place, it won't be so difficult to let it "rest in peace." Good luck!

  3. Mine was a blanket-dy. I love the impromptu devo. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. Mine was a blanket-dy. I love the impromptu devo. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  5. Jonas has a "banky" too! And it looks similar. Love your comparison to how God sees us... and thanks for the reminder that I should take a picture of Jonas and his banky!

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  7. I think I like what second anonymous said. That was a pretty profound jumble of words to say, "My blanky meant a lot to me too. It had a great 'loaf of influence' over me". Too funny. Mine was a a little duck that I loved to death. I still have him. He is on display in my front room.