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Sunday, March 21, 2010

one month…

You think that after 3 kids, I would be used to time flying by. You would think…………………… yet, I am still constantly amazed by how quickly life is happening. So here I am again… not believing that it has already been a month since Micah came into the world. WOW!  And because I will NEVER get used to the racing of time, when I get chances to sit down at the computer… I am attempting to capture little things, moments & memories.

So for memory sake-


at one month old… Mommy is still recovering… mentally, physically and mostly trying to remember what sleep is like. We are adjusting overall very well to being a family of 5. You fit in very well!

At one month you have already -

- outgrown size newborn and size 1 diapers :)

- you gained 12 ounces from your 2nd to 3rd week of life (you are a good eater) and I am pretty sure you are well over 12 lbs now

- you fill out your 0-3 months clothes very well and 3-6 month size is not far from fitting

- you have already been to Disneyland (at almost 4 weeks)

- we are still working on sleeping for longer than 2-3 hour time slots

- you have stolen the hearts of your sisters who are constantly showering you with affection

- you like being swaddled

- you show promise for liking a pacifier (we will see if that sticks)

- your not a big fan of getting in the car seat

- you keep your mommy with a constant supply of dirty laundry (often going through several outfits in a couple hours)

- I foresee very tone and strong arms in your mommy’s future as 95% of the time she is carrying you around

- you are starting to focus more and look more intently with those beautiful navy blue eyes



This first month is a little blurry in my mind. (I blame the lack of sleep.) It seems like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital. I joke often (although, I am semi-serious) that insurance should cover a 2 night stay in the hospital once the baby hits 3 weeks just so that mommy can get sleep! :)

So this has been my moment, my attempt to sit down and try to preserve time… bottle up (if you will) the sweetness of the last month with my son.

We love you so much Micah Jay. You are a great addition to our family!   



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