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Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Patrick’s Day

Hope you all had a festive St Patrick’s Day!

I enjoy this holiday for several reasons…

– #1… gotta love the corned beef

- #2…Green just happens to be my favorite color. I have several wardrobe options. :)

- #3…The history of St Patrick is most interesting and is great for homeschooling lessons, or just life lessons.

- #4… The possibilities are endless, when it comes to using the green theme (not to mention green food coloring).

- #5… St Patty’s day helps break up a very long month.


Here is what we did to celebrate our Irish roots, have fun with green, and most importantly bring it all back to Jesus…


Green Pop Corn… well a few kernels were green.


Made green cupcakes…



IMG_8681 Watched a video about St Patrick, his journey of faith, mission and teachings. Even the dog watched.


St Patrick used the shamrock (Ireland’s national flower) to teach people about the Holy Trinity. We made our own shamrocks…





We finished off the day with a traditional St Patrick’s day meal at my parents.

Here is the Nelson 5 all decked out in green!

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