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Monday, April 12, 2010

Be careful……. little eyes are watching!

We, as parents, are constantly learning what we can and cannot say and do in front of our children’s impressionable minds. All those little things that we became so lax about before parenting now become blaringly obvious and we must tighten the reigns on our own words and actions. Why? Well, we don’t want our children to be the kid on the play ground teaching all the other kids what the “s” word is… (which is “stupid” in our house), we don’t want other parents rolling their eyes at us in disgust,or to be the one with “that kid”, frankly I think….actually, I know, we don’t want to be embarrassed……oh, and there is also that wanting to raise wonderful, polite, respectful, (and pretty much perfect) children. :) Children are all-to-willing to expose us (flaws and all) and so therefore……if we want them to be on their best behavior we must lead by example. Right?

On Saturday we had lunch at a fun little Italian restaurant in LA and just had a great time as a family. I even got a few snapshots of our peaceful outing. When I got home I was looking at said pictures and realized I wasn’t the only photographer of the day… a certain little, blonde, 3 year old had captured the afternoon also. Just goes to show… they ARE watching and in my case…… taking pictures. Kind of scary…

So here is our Saturday together from Anna’s view point……

Lunch out at Maria's Italian Kitchen

Picture 1: Mommy telling Daddy he has herbs in his teeth from the yummy bread.



Picture 2: Daddy cleaning herbs out of his teeth…


Picture 3: Me (that’s Anna) taking self portraits for my future facebook page.


Picture 4: Me again.


Picture 5: The best one yet!


Picture 6: My drink of choice…… well mommy’s choice, water. I would have chosen lemonade.


Picture 7: my mommy looks a little blurry…..


Picture 8: daddy liked the bread! HE ATE “A WOT”!!!


Picture 9: my lunch…… quite tasty!


Picture10: mommy trying to sneak a bite of sissy’s lunch…… caught ya!



So be careful, parents…… little eyes are watching. :)

Here are a few other photos, not taken by Anna…





Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!!! We did!:)