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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

two little chunkies *addendum*…..

Just for comparison sake I thought I would throw in a picture of myself at 3 or 4 months (I will have to ask my mom as to a specific time.) I think Micah and all our kids are a combo of the two of us… each in different ways.

So two little chunkies and now one little chunk-ita ;)


two little chunkies…

Josh’s mom gave me this little outfit that Josh wore when he was a wee babe. It was a tight squeeze, but we got it on. :) Too cute…

            Joshua Luthor Nelson (3-4 months)                 


Micah Jay Nelson (4 months tomorrow! )


Memorial Day ‘10

Can I hear a major shout out for three day weekends!?! What would there be to look forward to if it weren’t for those few Mondays each year that we get to spend using our freedom?Freedom that we remember came at a very great price. Lives were lost so that you and I could enjoy liberty. Freedoms we cherish are not to be taken lightly. So we enjoyed our Memorial Day with family, in our red, white and blue. And we REMEMBER.

Smile for the camera… (all three smiling!)



Micah and Bekah with one of their favorite guys, Grandpa.

DSC_0656 Roasting marshmallows… Josh obviously loved it!

DSC_0686 Picking berries in my parents backyard.


It was a good day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation!

REALLY!?! This year can’t be over yet! A little over two weeks ago our little Rebekah became an official 1st grader! I think I have mentioned before that the homeschooling group we are a part of has “school” on Fridays. And so her “Friday School” class had a graduation ceremony.

This graduation symbolizes even more than Rebekah finishing kindergarten. WE ,as a family, finished Kindergarten and our first year of homeschooling! The beginning of this school year brought with it a lot of unknowns… but this first year of “home education”  has been a great experience for Rebekah and the entire family! We survived, grew and I would even say thrived. We had bumps, moments of “well, we won’t do that again”, days that were overwhelming and even chaotic but those days were far outweighed by the triumphs, smiles, laughter, hugs,successes, experiments, singing and peace.It is amazing the things she has learned and how she has grown, more than just phonics and numbers… Rebekah is a little girl that has character and I daily had the privilege to see that character blossom. Another thing that was amazing to see is how Anna was learning right along with Bekah. We were and are really learning all together.

We had a great morning of celebrations. Both Grandpas and Grandmas were there and Aunt Becky too. They all came to cheer Rebekah on.

So we did it! SHE DID IT! GOD DID IT!

Congratulations to Rebekah Kate our Kindergarten Graduate!

Our little girl is maturing, learning, dreaming and succeeding. How fun it is to watch and be a part of!


Here she is getting her Kindergarten Diploma from her teacher and our Director… (I am going to be a mess at her high school graduation)DSC_0556

Signing her ABC’s… (They also signed Psalm 23)

DSC_0548 Kindergarten Class of 2010


Thanking her Friday School teacher


Our family and THE graduate!


Rebekah and her teacher,  Mrs. Nelson ;)



And of course every graduate needs to toss their cap in celebration… (cue :" Schools Out For Summer” )


“Rebekah, you just graduated from Kindergarten, what are you going to do next?”

“I’m going to DISNEYLAND!” (which we did! ;))

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not just for school….

Here are some of the things we have done in both learning and living lately…

“W” – is for WALKING with the WAGON! And lunch at WIENERSCHNITZEL!



Practicing letters with our “goo bags.”



Making freezer jam with some very sweet strawberries, as well as some very sweet helpers.





Rebekah was able to take part in our homeschool group’s production of Annie Jr. She participated in the “orphan choir” and did a great job of capturing the meaning and conveying the message behind “it’s a hard knock life…” ;)


Can you see her in the front row of the choir?



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

YEEE-HAH!!! – Field Trip to the Autry

Way back in APRIL, (wow! I really am behind) we ventured out on our first official field trip since Micah was born. We saddled up and headed out to the The Autry National Center in Los Angeles. My girls and I have been reading the Little House series since September and so this field trip was a great visual for some of the things we have been reading about. My girls were even sporting their “sun bonnets” to get into the western mood. With it being my first real day trip adventure with 3 kids I suckered my sis and cousin to come as chaperones. Four extra hands for free… gotta love it! This museum is a must see if you are in the LA area! I kept thinking how much my grandfather would have enjoyed this place…

The western movie memorabilia was my favorite, as I am a prairie girl at heart! But in addition to all the John Wayne coolness the museum has a real stage coach, a children’s hands on exhibit, guns and more guns, beautiful artwork, covered wagons. The center actually has a lot of events and activities offered, like panning for gold, on the weekends , so I look forward to going back (maybe with Daddy) one of these days.  We had such a fun day and I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed my sister and cousin. I think we laughed the entire time. Laughing and learning… a fantastic combination!

Me and my babies on our picnic outside the center.


Micah at 8 weeks…


Aunt Donna and Cousin Amy… what a fun day we had together.


Rebekah, ready to ride.


After our trip to the Autry, we made an impromptu visit to Travel Town, also in Griffith Park. This place was way too cool. We were able to climb up into and explore real life trains.(It actually has inspired me to start thinking of Micah’s first birthday. I know… I know… I border on crazy. I can’t help it.)But really, this is a great place! We had it pretty much to ourselves too, which was an added bonus. They request a donation for admission to the park and to ride the little train is $2! What a deal! I will definitely be planning future trips here and I can’t wait to explore more of the museums and areas Griffith Park has to offer.




regrettably…….sensing a pattern

Well, unfortunately the last several months have shown a pattern, of sorts, developing in my blog-ability. I have intentions to update quickly after each bloggable moment, however… it just isn’t happening. My posts in recent months seem to be a catch up of all we have done in the blog- vacant time. I could make excuses… but really the only valid one is…… life is happening entirely too quick! So today I will try and get the blog up-to-date yet again and say that I have intentions of not letting this happen any more. You’ll notice I said “intentions”…… not “I promise”. ;)

and here are some Baby Blues that give a little insight into life around here……

(why are Baby Blues so much funnier after becoming a parent?!? ;) )

p.s. Hope these make you smile.



Below: times this by two!

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 Below: this is so true…… except

add an extra kid… and about 238 loads for just him ;)!!!!

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