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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

regrettably…….sensing a pattern

Well, unfortunately the last several months have shown a pattern, of sorts, developing in my blog-ability. I have intentions to update quickly after each bloggable moment, however… it just isn’t happening. My posts in recent months seem to be a catch up of all we have done in the blog- vacant time. I could make excuses… but really the only valid one is…… life is happening entirely too quick! So today I will try and get the blog up-to-date yet again and say that I have intentions of not letting this happen any more. You’ll notice I said “intentions”…… not “I promise”. ;)

and here are some Baby Blues that give a little insight into life around here……

(why are Baby Blues so much funnier after becoming a parent?!? ;) )

p.s. Hope these make you smile.



Below: times this by two!

Comic Strip from


Comic Strip from


 Below: this is so true…… except

add an extra kid… and about 238 loads for just him ;)!!!!

Comic Strip from


 Comic Strip from

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  1. As much as I love to read your blog (I get lots of good ideas from you :) I have to say I'm glad you haven't written in a while. That means you are busy being a good wife and mommy! In my experience, this internet just sucks up way too much valuable time. I have tried to limit how often I get on, because once I'm on, I'm on for a while. So my emails and updates just pile up, and that's okay. They'll still be there when I check in next week. My children however are growing and changing every day, and I don't want to miss a minute!!