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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

YEEE-HAH!!! – Field Trip to the Autry

Way back in APRIL, (wow! I really am behind) we ventured out on our first official field trip since Micah was born. We saddled up and headed out to the The Autry National Center in Los Angeles. My girls and I have been reading the Little House series since September and so this field trip was a great visual for some of the things we have been reading about. My girls were even sporting their “sun bonnets” to get into the western mood. With it being my first real day trip adventure with 3 kids I suckered my sis and cousin to come as chaperones. Four extra hands for free… gotta love it! This museum is a must see if you are in the LA area! I kept thinking how much my grandfather would have enjoyed this place…

The western movie memorabilia was my favorite, as I am a prairie girl at heart! But in addition to all the John Wayne coolness the museum has a real stage coach, a children’s hands on exhibit, guns and more guns, beautiful artwork, covered wagons. The center actually has a lot of events and activities offered, like panning for gold, on the weekends , so I look forward to going back (maybe with Daddy) one of these days.  We had such a fun day and I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed my sister and cousin. I think we laughed the entire time. Laughing and learning… a fantastic combination!

Me and my babies on our picnic outside the center.


Micah at 8 weeks…


Aunt Donna and Cousin Amy… what a fun day we had together.


Rebekah, ready to ride.


After our trip to the Autry, we made an impromptu visit to Travel Town, also in Griffith Park. This place was way too cool. We were able to climb up into and explore real life trains.(It actually has inspired me to start thinking of Micah’s first birthday. I know… I know… I border on crazy. I can’t help it.)But really, this is a great place! We had it pretty much to ourselves too, which was an added bonus. They request a donation for admission to the park and to ride the little train is $2! What a deal! I will definitely be planning future trips here and I can’t wait to explore more of the museums and areas Griffith Park has to offer.




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