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Monday, August 30, 2010

Camp Nelson 2010

What started as a chore of airing out the tent before being stored all year long, quickly turned into a Nelson tradition in the making! CAMP NELSON 2010 was a success!Warm soup, a camp fire, marshmallows, stories , singing, talking, laughing, cuddling, planning, dreaming, and remembering. All in the comfort of our own backyard……. together. 


Tent set up out back….



She’s got her daddy’s eyes…


The little man…. bundled up for a unusually cool August evening.


Rebekah thought it was an absolute must that we have a “site number” and for some reason she was set on it being 16. Smile


cozy around the fire


Big sister holding her baby brother


Marshmallows and hot chocolate…


Cuddle time.




After our tummies were full, our fingers were sticky, and our eyes were heavy…. the girls and Daddy slipped into sleeping bags all snug and tight, and Mommy and Micah went into the house and slipped into our cozy beds. It was a good night. Winking smile 

What a fun way to cap off the Summer! So much fun in-fact, I think we are set on making it an annual event. Smile

Friday, August 27, 2010

a few more…..

after playing around with some editing tools…



Pictures at the Park…

Yesterday was “picture day” for our homeschooling group, so since Bekah was already “dressed to impress” and Anna was quite disappointed that she was unable to have her picture taken, I grabbed our trusty camera and we took our gang to the park for some photo making.

So here are OUR school pictures…

My students…. My joy!


The big 1st grader and Preschooler


Anna smiles…


My sweet baby boy 6 months…


Rebekah Kate

1st grade! BRING IT ON!


precious in purple…


Anna Elizabeth

The big preschooler!


Yep that’s Anna!


My sweets…


what can I pick up……. and put in my mouth?


Poor kid…….. doesn’t stand a chance!


We are ready for a great year!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whistle while we work….

…. and the tune on our lips was…. “Happy Birthday.”

For my mom’s birthday back in June we gave her the gift of a garden work party.  My mom is always planting, replanting, and tending to her garden. She didn’t exactly pass on the green thumb gene to me, but she definitely has it! My parents have quite a large back yard, including a big hillside. My mom has dreams for it, and so some man power was needed to help those dreams (at least) begin to become reality.

The whole “gang” came over with are gardening attire on. Maybe a day in the middle of August heat wasn’t the best choice but, hey, we were all there and she made sure we were all well hydrated and fed. Free food is pure money in my book. Winking smile 

For “some reason” I got a TON of pictures of the day….. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that being photographer requires a lot less dirt, sweat and blisters…… ( I did prune some tomato bushes and busted quite a few dirt clods. But my main job of the day was child care and picture taking.) 


Putting everyone to work!

Dad and Donna tackling the ivy covered hillside. Weeding it and getting it ready for Lantanas to be planted.


Cousin Hank and his truck. Getting gravel for the side of the house.


Rebekah was so eager to help…


The kiddie pool became a “dunk your head” station.


The Lantanas ready for the hillside.


Anna wanted to get in on the action too!


Mom relaying a brick foundation for the kids’ playhouse.


We cooled our feet several times throughout the day.


While working, Josh was also smoking us some amazing pork. We had the best pulled pork sandwiches! Smile My honey is so multi-talented.


SEE!- Multi talented! He can use a shovel for a pogo stick!


Aunt Becky and Cousin Amy putting their muscles to work!


Look we planted an Anna bush!

She is indeed blooming…. into a beautiful little lady.


Uncle Philip working that adobe dirt on the hillside. What a workout!


Even Micah got to cool his feet off. He took the BEST naps ( I am talking 3 hour naps!) and was such a happy baby all day!

We thought this was pretty genius! He LOVED it!


Bekah-boo chillin.


My dad and Anna….. wonder what she is thinking….


We know she was tired. Anna is known for her ability to fall asleep pretty much anywhere…… when she is done, SHE IS DONE! Doesn’t matter when or where!

Yesterday she fell asleep right here….


one second she laid down, the next second she was sawing logs. Such a funny kid….

Ok….. so growing up, one of our family’s favorite pastimes was Hide n’ Seek. And let me tell you, with my dad, it is serious business. There is no ordinary hiding spots…. I remember my heart literally pounding with a mixture of excitement and fear when trying to find him. He has hidden in everything from a cupboard shelf to the top of the refrigerator. And once we found him, it was never just left at that…. he would jump out with a roar, we would scream and he would chase us down….. laughter galore would ensue.

The tradition lives on as my girls LOVE to play the game with grandpa.

Here are some shots of Grandpa and Bekah playing a mean game of Hide N’ Seek…

Setting the stage….Bekah counting, Grandpa hiding….. can you find him?


I see some footsies….


Grandpa hiding again…. UP A VERY BIG TREE!!!!


Bekah looking for and NOT finding Grandpa….

(I love this picture)


Bekah spotting Grandpa…


Toothless Bekah and Grandpa (not toothless).



Happy Birthday mom! We had a wonderful day celebrating you, dirt and all!