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Monday, August 30, 2010

Camp Nelson 2010

What started as a chore of airing out the tent before being stored all year long, quickly turned into a Nelson tradition in the making! CAMP NELSON 2010 was a success!Warm soup, a camp fire, marshmallows, stories , singing, talking, laughing, cuddling, planning, dreaming, and remembering. All in the comfort of our own backyard……. together. 


Tent set up out back….



She’s got her daddy’s eyes…


The little man…. bundled up for a unusually cool August evening.


Rebekah thought it was an absolute must that we have a “site number” and for some reason she was set on it being 16. Smile


cozy around the fire


Big sister holding her baby brother


Marshmallows and hot chocolate…


Cuddle time.




After our tummies were full, our fingers were sticky, and our eyes were heavy…. the girls and Daddy slipped into sleeping bags all snug and tight, and Mommy and Micah went into the house and slipped into our cozy beds. It was a good night. Winking smile 

What a fun way to cap off the Summer! So much fun in-fact, I think we are set on making it an annual event. Smile

1 comment:

  1. Love it!

    We do the same - and it is a highlight of the summer ... some day I will not be pregnant or with an infant and may actually get to sleep IN the tent with them!

    Good photo shoot too!

    Miss you!