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Friday, August 20, 2010

Vegas- Our Way!

I think a couple of years ago I posted about a trip to Vegas that was practically free. Well we are never ones to pass up a bargain and especially when it is offered to us for a second time. So when a fancy Las Vegas hotel offered us 4 nights on them we said…… ummmm…… YAH!

Now Vegas, we truly understand, isn’t the most popular destination to take kids…but it can be done! So here is how we did Vegas….. our way!

Some morning pool time…. (Getting to the pool early is perfect! Everyone else in Vegas just went to sleep within the last couple of hours so the pool is wide open and most of the other people that were there, were crazy enough to bring their kids too. When everyone else came out to play we went for a family nap time! So nice.) 



Dinner a Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant. For having a “nice” meal out – this is the way to go! The portions are huge, the tables are huge, overall it’s family friendly and the view was perfect!


The day after…. we went to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum with some of our So Cal friends who also happened to be in the area. Yep, they do indeed, have a CHILDREN’S museum in LAS VEGAS! We have visited Children’s museums across the western United States and this one probably rated as one of the best! It is huge! There were several different kinds of exhibits that I had never seen before.

Here is our happy boy… 5 months old. Happy as a clam.


The “grocery store” exhibit is always a hit!


This was a really cool exhibit. A mechanic’s shop where you could replace tires, mufflers, etc. They had check lists to go through. Very neat!

Here is mommy showing Bekah how to fix a car….. totally my expertise.Winking smileha!


Anna getting under the car….


A wall of bubbles. Thanks to my friend Debbie for manning the camera. I am not used to seeing myself in so many of the pictures.


Rebekah and her friend Emmerly in the “Hurricane” simulator.


The next morning after a yummy breakfast (thanks to YELP!) we headed out to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. We could not have picked a more beautiful day to visit. The weather was a beautiful, breezy 85 degrees and crystal clear! Gorgeous!


The girls participated in a scavenger hunt at the visitor’s center and were able to earn Red Rock pins for their efforts. (We will add those to our Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone Jr Ranger badge collections.)


A is for ANNA Smile



R is for Rebekah Smile


The area is known for having wild burros. We got to see some. They are obviously very used to handouts from tourists as they were overly friendly. (We did not feed them…. in case you were wondering Winking smile )


Micah in his spot..


Finished off our day with gelato at the fanciest ice cream shop I have ever seen. They actually had gold flakes as an optional topping for gelato. I didn’t inquire as to the price. But really? Gold? on your ice cream? why!?


That night we went back to our hotel room and went swimming, gave the kids baths, put them in pjs and packed up and left. It was the perfect way to leave… at bed time. They slept the entire way home. Winking smile So there you have it, Vegas, family style.


  1. Looks like a great trip!! I think we'll be adding Vegas to our list of future destinations. =)

  2. How fun! You always make everything look so fun ;) We love Magianno's too! :D

  3. You guys have been busy this summer!

    Looks like many fun events and trips as a family.

    I am glad for you! ;o)

    Miss you,